Products for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

ProGlove introduces MARK Display wearable screen scanning solution

MARK Display brings essential information right where front-line workers in the supply chain need it most: the back of the hand.

Moore Industries announces Instrument Panels and Systems engineering service

  • Moore Industries-International, Inc.

Moore Industries can supply and assemble ready-to-install instrument sub-systems for customers’ control and monitoring needs with instrumentation, cabinets, wiring, tubing, relays, and power supplies.

Fujitsu Components announces FWM8BLZ07 Bluetooth 5 beacons and FWM8BLZ07A sensor beacon

  • Fujitsu Components America, Inc.

The beacons are based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoC and measure a 40.0 x 31.0 x 12.0 mm within a gray, plain housing, adaptable for many applications.

ROHM announces ROHM Solution Simulator web simulation tool

  • ROHM Co.,Ltd

ROHM offers the simulator, ROHM Solution Simulator, that allows users to perform systematic verification of power devices and ICs

Siemens releases latest version of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software

  • Siemens

The latest release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ includes enhancements to improve simulation time and accuracy as well as enhance collaboration, giving customers a digital twin to help drive predictive simulations.

Phoenix Contact introduces EMpro energy monitoring device

  • Phoenix Contact

The EMpro tracks energy parameters such as voltage, current, and power at the machine or system level. It then communicates that data locally, or transmits it to cloud-based services, creating an IIoT energy-monitoring solution.

Acontis announces Type 1 Hypervisor virtualization platform

This solution is designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, Edge Controllers, and high-end real-time hardware and workload consolidation.

Honeywell announces launch of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization

  • Honeywell Inc.

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization is an autonomous building solution focused on decreasing energy consumption.

Xebrium introduces XEB360 embedded test automation solution

The solution consists of embedded hardware and supporting software framework, which can be further customized to suit the requirement of an embedded product or an IoT solution under test.

Swift Sensors releases Swift Sensors PoE Standard Bridge 1011

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) bridge is intended for use in manufacturing plants, restaurants and other spaces where water, cleaning solutions and other chemicals come into contact with monitoring equipment.