Products for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

iBASEt Launches Solumina iSeries Agile MES

Industry-first agile MES with microservices architecture redefines the industrial digital ecosystem by streamlining systems integration, easing deployment, and fast-tracking future upgrades.

Teledyne DALSA Releases Powerful Suite of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Software

  • Teledyne DALSA

New version of Sapera Software Suite brings exciting AI capabilities.

Dataprophet Introduces PRESCRIBE, Designed to Eradicate Defects for US Manufacturers

A unique deep learning solution for the manufacturing industry can help US firms eradicate defective parts from their production operations.

Aspen Technology Delivers New Industrial AI Solutions to Accelerate the Journey to the Self-Optimizing Plant

  • AspenTech

Aspen Technology, Inc. today announced the general availability of the aspenONE® V12 software release, which embeds artificial intelligence (AI) across the portfolio, and uses the cloud for delivery of enterprise-wide analytics and insights for increased safety, sustainability and improved margins.

SignalFire’s Pressure Ranger Connects Pressure Data to the Cloud for Remote Monitoring & Control of Assets

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces an LTE-M Cellular Pressure Transmitter that provides plug & play, instant connectivity of pressure sensor data to the cloud over cellular networks. 

Denison Technologies integrates HMS Networks’ Edge Gateways into Their Power Quality Monitoring Solution

Denison Technologies, Inc., and HMS Networks, Inc. are pleased to announce a solution bringing both companies’ expertise and technologies together to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT by improving industrial reliability and reducing unplanned downtime through continuous power monitoring.

Siemens Delivers Digital Thread for Defense to Transform the Defense Industry

  • Siemens

Digital Thread for Defense supports Department of Defense’s adaptive acquisition framework for agile development. Enables rapid protyping and fielding through an open digital twin and digital thread to support model based requirements.

ABB Offers New RobotStudio AR Viewer on a Smartphone to Simplify Robot Installations

  • ABB

ABB’s new RobotStudio AR viewer provides a quick and convenient way of visualizing where and how robotic automation can fit into your process using a smartphone or tablet.

Quantum Automation Supports Off-Grid Automation with QRTU and QSolarBattery

These Quantum Automation hardware platforms can be used individually or together to enable IIoT monitoring and automation almost anywhere.