Products for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

SICK announces SICK AppSpace and SICK IntegrationSpace

  • SICK, Inc.

The digital offering is based on the application know-how of SICK and helps to vertically integrate data from the sensor right through to the cloud.

Freedom IOT introduces Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform

This cloud-enabled IoT platform includes customizable dashboards and alerts and helps identify manufacturing bottlenecks and inefficiencies and streamlines manufacturing processes.  

Aetina announces AN110-XNX edge AI computer

The AN110-XNX combines the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and Aetina AN110 carrier board in a form factor of 87.4 x 68.2 x 52 mm (with fan).

Siemens introduces SIMATIC Real Time Locating Systems

  • Siemens

With Siemens’ SIMATIC Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), companies can continuously measure distances between workers, provide real time visual feedback to employees regarding their spacing from others and create a log of all movements and interactions over time. In this way the Siemens’ SIMATIC RTLS continuously facilitates safe distancing.  

TT Electronics announces Speed to Connect end-to-end IoT framework

  • TT Electronics

The first products launched from the Speed to Connect range include the S-2CONNECT Hub and S-2CONNECT Sense devices.

Bosch Rexroth introduces ctrlX AUTOMATION control platform

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers users a choice: They decide whether to program in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, or in other conventional high-level or Internet languages.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces enhancements to Simcenter system simulation solutions

  • Siemens

With the latest release of Simcenter system simulation solutions, each solution has been updated to help accelerate innovation, increase collaboration and enhance productivity to meet rapidly changing customer and market needs.

AW-Lake introduces EDGE Family of Flow Electronics

  • AW-Lake Company

When installed on a flow meter, the EDGE Electronics can force the sensor to output a frequency or analog signal output for flexibility when interfacing with readout equipment or control rooms. Modbus output also adds system compatibility for operations.

Valcor Engineering announces custom parallel pressure regulator services

Valcor has helped several customers meet higher flow demanding applications with dual/parallel PR sets. Valcor’s PRs utilize technologies that produce fast responding and stable PRs.

AAEON announces UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance kit

  • AAEON Electronics, Inc.

The BOXER-8130AI is built to integrate into any environment. Featuring six MIPI CSI-2 interfaces, the BOXER-8130AI can support up to six MIPI cameras.