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Siemens AG Hits Major Milestone in Global SD-WAN Migration Project with Orange

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Delivering what is possibly one of the largest global SD-WAN deals, we have successfully migrated 80% of Siemens AG’s global sites to the network as part of its large-scale digital transformation program.

New Website Offers Practical Guide to Making Decisions on Digital Manufacturing Investments

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Industry 4.0 and digital processes are indispensable for future manufacturing growth. While many companies understand the importance of automation, they sometimes struggle to make it a reality.

Survey: More Than Half of Organizations That Store Customer Data in the Cloud had Security Incidents in 2020

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Netwrix study also finds that data theft scenarios resulted in decrease in company valuation, customer churn and loss of competitive edge.

Panduit Signs Partner Agreement to Integrate Cailabs’ Technology into Company’s Innovative OneMode Product Portfolio

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Panduit Corp., a global leader of innovative network infrastructure solutions, announces that it has signed a partner agreement with Cailabs, a French deep tech company and global leader in light beam shaping, for the global rights to integrate Cailabs technology within Panduit’s innovative OneModeTM product portfolio.

Kivnon Launches its Brand-new Mobile Robotics Website

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As part of its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Kivnon presents its brand-new website, with a modern design and adapted to new trends.

The Future of Blockchain in Intellectual Property

  • by Mr. Sumit Prasad
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This article discusses five potential use-cases that Blockchain based Intellectual Property Management presents in the current state of intellectual property industry.

In Our Wireless Age, Cables are Adapting and Transforming the Manufacturing Industry. Here’s How…

  • by Stewart Beer
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In a wireless age, the use of cables may be losing its function in some industries, however for others, the role they play is as important as ever. In the case of the manufacturing, as technology becomes increasingly integrated, so does the prominence of cables.

OPC UA FLC (Field Level Communication) Enables Integrated Manufacturing Business

  • by Bill Lydon
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The OPC UA FLC (Field Level Communication) initiative revolutionizes industrial communications to achieve integrated manufacturing business operations from sensor to enterprise and cloud.

Netwrix and Stealthbits Merge to Address the Growing Demand for Sensitive Data Protection

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Two cybersecurity companies join forces to offer data security and privacy solutions to organizations of any size and in any region around the world. 

FDT Group Welcomes GP Systems GmbH as a New Corporate Member

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End users drive manufacturers to deliver FDT standardized, data-centric asset management solutions.