Articles & News on Connectivity & Cybersecurity

Eaton Achieves Industry First: Dual IEC and UL Cybersecurity Certifications for Product Development Processes

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Third-party accreditations of Eaton’s processes give customers confidence its products are built to be secure by design.

Risk Assessment: First Step to Securing an OT Environment

  • by Mark Hellinghuizer
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Developing a cybersecurity strategy begins with understanding the current situation, including existing risks.

NEMA Publishes New Report on 5G Best Practices for the Electroindustry

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The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) worked with consultants at ABI Research to develop a new guidance document, NEMA 5G 1 5G Best Practices Technical Guidance Report.

Endress+Hauser Establishes Internet Security Standards

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IETF recommends the SmartBlue CPace protocol for password-protected access to instruments.

Keeping Up With the Times: Time-sensitive, Networked Factories for Consumer Electronics Production

  • by Thomas J. Burke
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 Consumer electronics manufacturing is a fast-paced industry. To maintain and enhance their competitive edge, companies in this sector need to regularly adopt innovative technologies in their plants and their products to meet ever-evolving market demands. Currently, this means adopting smart, interconnected manufacturing approaches to create highly responsive and productive factories. To achieve such infrastructure, businesses should invest in the right industrial communications technology.

New Survey Finds Most Industrial Organizations Are Inadequately Prepared for an OT Cybersecurity Attack

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Survey results to be discussed at PAS OptICS 2020 conference along with more than two dozen sessions featuring industry executives, experts, and practitioners.

SPE Industrial Partner Network Quintuples Its Membership Before Its First Birthday

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With currently 37 members, the number of founding members in November 2019 has more than quintupled even before its first birthday. Clear tendency: More and more members are joining every week.

UL Joins ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance as a Founding Member to Advance Industrial Cybersecurity

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UL brings robust operational technology cybersecurity, industrial automation and control systems expertise to industry cybersecurity group.

Eaton Joins ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance as Founding Member

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Eaton envisions faster approach to develop measurable global conformance assessment for cybersecurity.

Strengthening Industry 4.0 Automation Security

  • by Daniel Browning
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The scaling of efficiencies and business value from automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few years has been transformative. In factories especially, costs drop, waste decreases, and businesses can control and gain insight into their processes like never before.