Products for SCADA & RTU

ICP DAS releases CAN-8823 remote I/O

  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.
  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.

CAN-8823 is a CANopen remote I/O Unit with 8 I/O expansion slots.

Data Translation announces DT9857E USB data acquisition module

  • Data Translation Inc.

DT9857E has eight or 16 analog inputs (24-bit), two 32-bit analog outputs, digital I/O lines, tachometer input and counters.

Micro-Measurements releases System 9000 StrainSmart data acquisition system

System 9000 provides scanning rates up to 50,000 samples/second, supports full-, half-or quarter-bridge configurations, and offers built-in precision bridge completion.

Siemens updates Simatic WinCC SCADA software

  • Siemens

Version 3.14 now supports access to historical data (OPC UA HA). Drivers IEC 61850 / 61400 support dynamic data sets, 64 bit data types, and Windows 10.

Tesla releasesTeslaSCADA2 software

SCADA solution works with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Moxa releases ioLogik wireless data acquisition devices

  • Moxa Technologies Inc

ioLogik 2542-WL1 and 2512-WL1 support Ethernet, serial and WLAN interfaces.

Attivo updates BOTsink SCADA cyber attack detection software

Instead of relying on signatures or known attack patterns, Attivo uses deception technology to lure the attackers to a BOTsink engagement device.

INSYS introduces IMON-U300 wireless fault transmitter

  • INSYS Automation

IMON-U300 is equipped with a monitoring app that enables automatic status notifications (text message, e-mail or SNMP) in case of pre-defined events.

Canary Labs updates Enterprise Historian software

  • Canary Labs Inc.

Enhancements in Version 11 combine the administrator functions into one centralized application.

Emerson expands OpenEnterprise SCADA software

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

Enhancements in OpenEnterprise v3.2 include an interface to AMS Device Manager