Products for SCADA & RTU

Red Lion Controls announces RAM industrial router support for multiple IIoT platforms

  • Red Lion Controls

The RAM industrial routers and cellular RTUs now support the Microsoft Azure, Cumulocity and Nokia IMPACT IIoT platforms. This follows the recent announcement that Red Lion’s RAM products now support the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

Beckhoff announces Microsoft Azure certification for the C6015 Industrial PC (IPC) and CX5140 Embedded PC

  • Beckhoff Automation

All certified devices from Beckhoff can be found in the Microsoft “Azure Certified for IoT” device catalog, providing customers with a guide for Azure-compatible devices. Both the C6015 IPC and CX5140 Embedded PC are designed to help implement cloud connectivity in a wide range of industries.

Seeq introduces Seeq integration module for Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA system

The Seeq integration module is designed to simplify integration of Seeq Workbench into Ignition displays and server gateways. Ignition customers in manufacturing, mining, pulp & paper, food & beverage, and other process industries use Seeq Workbench to find insights in their data.

Honeywell introduces Experion Elevate real-time SCADA solution

  • Honeywell Industrial Automation & Control

Experion SCADA is at the heart of Honeywell’s Experion systems and provides a scalable, integrated multi-service system with a human-machine interface (HMI).

PcVue and Sentryo partner to release ICS CyberVision for cybersecurity protection of PcVue SCADA

  • PCVUE Inc

The technology fosters OT & IT collaboration for enterprise-wide protection of critical infrastructures such as power generation and distribution, water and wastewater, transportation systems and infrastructure like trains, bridges and tunnels, intelligent building management, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other applications that rely on high availability industrial automation.

Red Lion announces Distrix SDN capability for Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs

  • Red Lion Controls

Distrix’s SDN technology, running on RAM devices, is designed to speed deployment of communication networks between industrial devices and IIoT cloud platforms, and deliver security for remote machine access.

ABB introduces CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit

  • ABB

The CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit can integrate up to 96 sensors, which can be displayed and processed using the built-in web server, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or a Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

Yokogawa announces enhanced version of STARDOM network-based control system

  • Yokogawa Corporation of America

This latest version supports Windows 10, and the STARDOM CPU module comes with a new function that enables Java applications to run on a STARDOM controller. In addition, an oil flow rate calculation function has been added to meet the needs of oil and gas well operations.

Siemens releases Simatic RTU3010C & Simatic RTU3030C remote terminal units

  • Siemens

These RTUs can be used for the implementation and monitoring of measurement points for important process data such as level, flow and fill level, as well as pressure and temperature, even for plants spread over a wide geographical area.

Schneider Electric releases System Platform 2017

  • Schneider Electric

This next generation offering includes an interface with improved visualization, smarter navigation and is integrated with the Schneider Electric Industrial Software portfolio –extending new and existing solutions with capabilities that digitally link the Engineering, Operations and Asset Performance aspects of the industrial value chain.