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Infrared Cameras as Life Insurance for a Billion Dollar Project

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An InfraTec thermography automation solution supports the monitoring of one of the world's largest solar tower power plants in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

Ultimation Industries' New Warehouse Robots Provide Solution for Building the Fully Integrated Warehouse of the Future

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Partnership with OTTO Motors provides additional options for making material handling systems more productive, efficient.

Registration Opens for Return of PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO

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Registration opened today for PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2021 (Sept. 27-29, Las Vegas Convention Center) to welcome the industry back together at the only comprehensive packaging and processing event in the world this year.

Don’t Look at the Sun—Look at the Data

  • by Roger Larson
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Solar electrical generating facilities are putting responsive analytics to use so they can improve efficiency and optimize maintenance.

Advancing the Future of Food Manufacturing with Acellular Agriculture

  • by James Sopwith
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Here, James Sopwith, managing director of adi Projects, a division of the leading multidisciplinary engineering firm adi Group, discusses how hot demand for sustainable food production can be enhanced and developed further with core engineering skillsets.

Lloyd’s Register and Falkonry Incorporate Operational AI Digital Twins into Asset Performance and Risk Management Solution

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Lloyd’s Register, a professional services company specialising in engineering and technology solutions, has partnered with the innovation leader in Operational AI, Falkonry, to combine its predictive digital twins with asset performance and risk management solutions for heavy industry, including chemicals and oil and gas.

ABB to Deliver Trolley Assist Solution to Meet Copper Mountain Mining’s Sustainable Development Goals in Canada

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ABB will install haul truck trolley assist infrastructure to help Copper Mountain achieve a reduction in carbon intensity by more than 50 percent in medium-term with a final target of zero by 2035.

How to Use IoT to Set Measurable Efficiency Goals for Your Loading Docks in 5 Simple Steps

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In the warehousing and logistics industry, pressures from increasing globalization including foreign competition and the need for ever faster operations has meant the industry has been an early mover on this innovative technology. Applications for IOT in this industry are already embraced, be it in the way warehouses inventory is tracked or how forklifts movements are monitored. IOT is allowing sites to raise the bar on performance to levels that were unattainable in the past, making sure they can compete in the global market.

HARTING Technology Group is Positioned as an Electromobility Technology Partner and Pioneer

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With its portfolio of products and solutions, the HARTING Technology Group is positioned as an electromobility technology partner and pioneer - and thereby driving the energy transition forward.

Harting Offers Innovative Solution Portfolio for Industrial Automation, Energy Infrastructure, E-mobility and Railways

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The HARTING Technology Group continues to offer its customers a comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio for the industrial automation, energy infrastructure, e-mobility and railway sectors also in 2021.