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Jones Walker LLP Releases Midstream Oil and Gas Cybersecurity Survey Findings

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The midstream oil and gas sector tends to be overconfident in cybersecurity preparedness, according to the survey. 

Why Energy Producers Need to Increase Remote Operations Capacity Today, and How to Transition Securely

  • by Bill Moore
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Prompted by the widespread and far-reaching implications of the novel Coronavirus, we have witnessed a sudden shift to a hybrid workforce that includes on-site, remote, and distributed teams. The vast majority of companies lack the remote infrastructure needed to maintain operational continuity and protect against cybersecurity risks associated with remote work.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Host Four Product Demonstrations with Live Q&A at PACK EXPO Connects Virtual Event

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New products include condition monitoring for predictive maintenance and IE5+ Ultra-Premium High Efficiency synchronous motors.

Case Study: Achieving Consistently Reliable Batch Processing to Spec

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Automating procedures with greater operator control and visibility can minimize human error, while improving quality and productivity.

What's on the Energy Storage Market Beside Lithium-Ion Batteries?

  • by Daniele Gatti
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While Li-ion batteries are dominating the stationary energy storage sector, a growing number of companies are developing different technologies to be competitive in the near future and bring to the market a more competitive energy storage system.

Warehouse Automation Market Boosted by Accelerating E-Commerce Growth

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New ARC Advisory Group research on the global Warehouse Automation & Control Systems market shows that substantial order backlogs and strong demand from e-commerce fulfillment projects will enable the market to eke out growth in 2020.

ABB Enhances Portfolio of High-speed Industrial Robots with Codian Acquisition

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Strategic buy builds on industry-leading food and beverage, pharmaceutical and logistics portfolio.

Growing Adoption of Safety Regulations Drives the Temperature Sensor Market

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New ARC Advisory Group research on the global Temperature Sensor market reveals that several government regulations intended to increase the safety of factory workers and minimize workplace fatalities are creating lucrative growth opportunities for the market, especially in the food & beverage and chemical industries.

Energy Saving Advantages of Subsea Controls a Significant Contributor to Market Growth

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The future of subsea oil and gas operations looks stable, as the industry technology heads toward deepwater oil and gas development sustained by higher oil prices, key technological improvements, and the need to replace maturing shallower water basins.

IMI Critical Engineering Forms Strategic Partnership With Vector Controls and Automation Group

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Vector Controls and Automation Group, a leading manufacturing representative, distributor, and service provider, announce that they have formed a strategic partnership with IMI Critical Engineering.