Products for Building Automation

Technologic Systems announces BACnet integration support for TS-7680 single board computer

The TS-7680 was built with industry in mind and comes equipped to handle power input allowing 8 to 40 VDC as well as 10 to 28 VAC, all housed in a plastic enclosure with optional DIN mount.

Mitsubishi Electric announces PowerGate H series of HVAC controllers

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

PowerGate H is fully compatible with earlier generations of Mitsubishi Electric controllers and meets the requirements of the most demanding applications. It can be used with either conventional induction motors or with the latest generation internal permanent magnet (IPM) motors.

Zigbee Alliance introduces Zigbee PRO 2017

With PRO 2017, Zigbee is a mesh network capable of operating in two ISM frequency bands simultaneously: sub-GHz 800-900 MHz for regional requirements and 2.4 GHz for global acceptance. This dual-band option enables flexibility and design choice for manufacturers, municipalities and consumers wanting to connect products across buildings, cities and homes.

Paradox Engineering announces PE Smart Urban Network connectivity platform

  • Paradox Engineering

Through PE Smart Urban Network, cities can connect and control a number of services such as street lighting, public parking, energy distribution, solid waste collection, public Wifi, video surveillance, emergency response support, and more.

Beckhoff Automation releases EL6861 EtherCAT Terminal

  • Beckhoff Automation

This serial interface can be used to directly control and monitor BACnet-compatible field devices, such as pumps, drives, frequency converters or similar, as sub-bus systems without the need for additional gateways or routers.

Triangle Research International introduces ALEC lighting energy controller

The modular ALEC system comprises three simple hardware components - a Zone Controller (ZC001), a standard push button wall plate, and an Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway.

ams announces AS7225 lighting smart system sensor

The AS7225 is an extension of ams’ Cognitive Lighting smart lighting manager family. The AS7225 is available in a 4.5 x 4.7mm LGA package, for integration into luminaires, light-engines and larger replacement lamps, such as LED linear T-LED products.

Barix introduces Barionet 1000 universal I/O device

The Barionet 1000 is suited for a range of control and automation-based programmable functions including: access and door control; contact closure monitoring, environmental monitoring, alarming, and logging; failover switching; motion detection and security camera control; photovoltaic power management; and temperature monitoring, logging, and HVAC control.

PcVue Solutions introduces PCVue 11.2

  • PCVUE Inc

PcVue 11.2 offers consolidation and integration to support convergence of SMART Buildings, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Infrastructure, Transportation, and Industrial Automation.

Qorvo and ubisys announce IoTivity framework for smart home solutions

The open-source IoTivity framework provides specifications for device-to-device connectivity across physical media, transports and application layers.