Products for Building Automation

Distech Controls introduces HORYZON LCD touchscreen display

  • Distech Controls

The display works with Distech’s ECLYPSE, IP and Wi-Fi products, and EC-NetAX web-based building automation and energy management platform

SchulerControl GmbH announces Tuxono embedded Linux systems

The open systems are suitable for the usage ranging from smart home to professional use in the measurement and automation technology.

Greenvity announces Hybrid Mesh technology

Hybrid Mesh technology on a single chip uses mixed-medium IEEE 802.15.4 wireless and wide-band powerline communication

QA Graphics updates Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

  • QA Graphics

EEED now uses HL5 technology, allowing for responsive design that adjusts to different devices and lends itself to more mobile options.

Mitsubishi introduces F800 variable frequency drive

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

F800 is specifically designed to improve efficiency of air movement through HVAC systems.

IDEC introduces Chilicon Power Solar Products

  • IDEC Corporation

The Chilicon Power solar power system consists of microinverters, a Gateway, cloud-based remote monitoring and control software, and related components.

Cimetrics updates BACstac/DN software for BACnet development

Enhancements in BACstac/DN version 1.2 include an API designed specifically for the development of managed code applications in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Onset Announces MX1102 CO2 data logger

MX1102 data logger records and transmits carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Smart. Price: $595.

Honeywell announces EC 350 PTZ Gas Volume Corrector

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

EC 350 PTZ accurately measures natural gas delivered to industrial customers, helping them meet government and industrial standards.

Reliable Controls releases RC-WebView software

  • Reliable Controls Corporation

This thin client application allows operators to view, edit, and override BACnet inputs, outputs, variables, schedules, and alarms.