Products for MES and Operations Management

Yokogawa Electric announces PRM Commissioning Support Package R1.02

  • Yokogawa

The PRM Commissioning Support Package R1.02 uses field digital technology to improve efficiency in commissioning and periodic maintenance. With this upgrade to PRM Commissioning Support Package R1.01, support for Windows 10 and a new function that improves work efficiency have been added.

Sage Clarity announces ABLE 2.0 IoT solution

ABLE is a cloud-based, Internet of Things (IoT) solution that provides real-time root cause analysis for manufacturing operations and part of Sage Clarity's MES ecosystem product suite.

Reliable Controls announces RC-WebView 3.13

  • Reliable Controls Corp.

RC-WebView is an browser-based building management solution that allows operators and administrators to efficiently manage any internet-connected building automation system. 

Antaira introduces LEP-301M-KIT networking device

  • Antaira Technologies, LLC - formerly Aaxeon Technologies

Antaira Technologies’ LEP-301M-KIT was designed to overcome the 100meter limitation of Ethernet. This kit comes with both the near end (LEP-301M-TX) and the far end (LEP-301M-RX) for a complete set.

GROB Systems announced GROB-NET4Industry Manufacturing Execution System

  • Grob Systems, Inc.

GROB-NET4Industry features various modular components that can be combined in a customizable manner, ensuring the solution for each application case.

Reliable Controls releases RC-Reporter 3.7 performance reporting software

  • Reliable Controls Corp.

RC-Reporter works to bring clarity to building performance analytics with readable, reliable, and rational reports, delivered automatically by email, or integrated directly into building control systems.

Critical Manufacturing releases version 7.1 of CM manufacturing execution system with HTML5 GUI

  • Critical Manufacturing S.A.

V7.1 of the CM MES has an HTML5 GUI to provide a single end-to-end user-experience that is applicable to MES stakeholders across functional areas including production, quality, planning & logistics, maintenance and engineering.

ABB announce enhanced version of ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management

  • ABB

This software platform with a suite of industrial applications is designed to give operators, supervisors and plant managers the visibility and insights to take the right actions for productivity, quality and compliance.

GE Digital announces Plant Applications 8.0 Manufacturing Execution System

  • GE Digital

Plant Applications 8.0 works to help manufacturers leverage real-time production data to optimize operations and is an enterprise scale MES that supports discrete, process and multi-modal manufacturing.

Parsable announces enhancements to Connected Worker Platform

The enhancements are intended to help companies to increase user adoption and capture the critical data insights that are essential to continuous improvement.