Products for MES and Operations Management

KUKA introduces KUKA Connect robotics software platform at IMTS

  • KUKA Robotics Corporation

Built on open global standards, KUKA Connect leverages cloud computing technologies and big data analytics to provide customers maximum visibility into their connected KUKA robots.

MEMEX Inc. announces MERLIN Tempus manufacturing execution system

  • Memex Automation Inc.

MERLIN Tempus is an open Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform that offers tools and a configurable dashboard that provides a complete view of the shop floor.

Honeywell launches Symphonite portfolio of production management software

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

Bringing together existing technologies with new product releases into one integrated portfolio, Symphonite software and services offer an end-to-end solution for oil and gas, refining, and mining, metals and minerals industries.

5ME releases Freedom 4.0 update to Freedom eLOG software

Freedom 4.0 focuses on manufacturing efficiency that integrates to provide full transparency into manufacturing processes. These include asset utilization, performance, quality and OEE, as well as machine health and process health.

Reliable Controls releases RC-WebView 3.4 enterprise server solution

  • Reliable Controls Corporation

RC-WebView 3.4 from Reliable Controls is an enterprise server solution that meets the BACnetOperator Workstation profile. This latest version of RC-WebView introduces a number of new features to improve the product and expand its capabilities.

GE announces Historian 7.0 data software

  • GE Digital

Historian collects, stores and normalizes time series sensor data from industrial equipment and processes. This information empowers analysis and troubleshooting needed to analyze asset performance so industrial businesses can improve operations.

RedViking to introduce Argonaut MES at IMTS 2016

  • RedViking

Argonaut lets users install only the manufacturing apps they need, only where they need them and control them from a central location.

Siemens announces Version 8.2 of Simatic PCS 7

  • Siemens

Version 8.2 of Simatic PCS 7 offers networked plant monitoring. Web systems can now also be operated and observed over the Intranet/Internet with Simatic PCS 7

Yokogawa releases Exaquantum R3.02

  • Yokogawa Corporation of America

Exaquantum is a plant information management system that is used in many industries. Release R3.02 provides improved web and data analysis functions that will enhance plant operations.

GE Digital announces Plant Pulse Optimizer module for Brilliant Manufacturing Suite

  • GE Digital

Plant Pulse Optimizer is designed to deliver broader visibility to all plant personnel and improve operational execution by coordinating isolated activities.