Rockwell Automation Introduces 22-COMM-E EtherNet/IP Adapter for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex AC Drives

  • February 26, 2004
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Allen-Bradley 22-COMM-E adapter gives users Ethernet-based control and data access of PowerFlex 40 drivesMEQUON, Wis., Feb. 26, 2004 – Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 AC drive users can now control, configure and collect data over Ethernet with the Allen-Bradley 22-COMM-E adapter from Rockwell Automation. The EtherNet/IP adapter sends and receives PowerFlex 40 drive operating and metering data, including alarms, allowing users to maximize uptime by helping to reduce the chances of production stoppages before they occur. Enabling the Web option provides additional access using standard PC Web browsers. “The adapter gives users a ‘window’ into the drive for timely, accurate troubleshooting and diagnostics,” said Greg Mears, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “With discrete wiring, users know that a drive has faulted, but the 22-COMM-E adapter gives users information showing why the drive is faulted or not running and how to begin correcting the problem.”The adapter can be configured via a Web page to send a message to user-specified e-mail addresses, including a text message to cell phones, pagers or other wireless devices. This can be used for notification of drive alarms, faults, or reset conditions.“When users receive an e-mail, all they have to do is click on the hyperlink contained in the e-mail, and their standard Web browser will automatically connect with the drive that contacted them,” said Mears. “It’s literally a couple of mouse-clicks from getting the e-mail to being on-line and diagnosing a potential problem.”When used in conjunction with Allen-Bradley DriveExplorer and DriveTools SP software, the 22-COMM-E gives users the ability to configure drives directly over Ethernet. A hyperlink on the 22-COMM-E Web pages can also launch the desired software tool on the user’s PC and automatically connect on-line with the drive.The adapter also has a unique “Multi-drive” feature, which allows up to five drives to be accessed as a single Ethernet node. In this potential cost-saving configuration, the 22-COMM-E is installed in a PowerFlex 40 drive, and up to four additional PowerFlex 4 or 40 AC drives can be connected over their built-in RS-485 ports. Each drive can be individually controlled, configured, and monitored through the single Ethernet connection. Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a world-leading provider of industrial automation power, control and information solutions that help customers meet their manufacturing productivity objectives. The company brings together leading brands in industrial automation for Complete Automation solutions, including Allen­Bradley controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software factory management software, Dodge mechanical power transmission products, and Reliance Electric motors and drives. The company also is a leading provider of contact management technologies and applications that help companies more efficiently manage interaction with their own customers. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, the company employs about 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.For more information on the PowerFlex 40 and 22-COMM-E, please contact the Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn., 55438, 800.223.5354, Ext. 1682.

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