KUKA to Offer CMTS Attendees Innovations for Bin Picking and Machine Tending

  • September 22, 2021
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KUKA to Offer CMTS Attendees Innovations for Bin Picking and Machine Tending
KUKA to Offer CMTS Attendees Innovations for Bin Picking and Machine Tending

Mississauga, Ontario - Sept. 22, 2021 - With a focus on flexibility, modularity and ease of use, KUKA Robotics Canada will showcase numerous innovative automation technologies and solutions at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show 2021 (CMTS), including bin picking and machine tending. In booth 2455, show attendees will experience such innovations as the company’s compact KR AGILUS 6-axis robots, KR C5 micro robot controller, ready2_educate mobile training cell, KMR iiwa mobile robot and KR IONTEC robot for a variety of applications in the medium-payload category.
KUKA’s KR 10 R1100-2 industrial robot equipped with an Airskin cover will feature the combined use of Roboception 3D stereo camera technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for machine learning to achieve high performance, reliable and cost-effective bin picking. Thanks to the Airskin technology this application combines the high speed, accuracy and reliability of the industrial robot with the lower cost and space savings associated with fence-free collaborative applications.
Other featured KUKA robots include the KR 6 R900-2 and KR 6 R700-2. The KR 6 R700-2 will sport KUKA’s ready2_pilot hand guiding technology for simple teaching and intuitive manual guidance of any KUKA industrial robot. As the world’s first device of its type, KUKA ready2_pilot allows users to hand guide the industrial robot and teach positions, instead of using the traditional teach pendant, making industrial robot programming easier than ever. The 6D mouse device quickly mounts on the robot for immediate use without complex configuration. The same ready2_pilot can be shared between different robots in a plant.
Among KUKA's small robots, the 6-axis KR AGILUS series offers a wide range of solutions for tasks that require high-speed production with 3 kg to 10 kg payloads. KR AGILUS robots provide reaches from 500 mm to 1,100 mm, even close to the robot base, with installation in any position. These robots adapt to any environment from 0°C to 45°C, with protection ratings of IP 65 and IP 67, and perform up to 141 cycles per minute. They are particle-emission and ESD certified, function in various ISO classes for cleanroom use and offer lifetime lubrication for continuous operation.
As the latest advancement in KUKA’s line of robot controllers, its new KR C5 micro boasts an industry-first compact design, yet provides the same, if not more, capabilities and storage capacities as full-sized controllers in a much lighter and approximately 200% smaller platform. The new controller works with the company’s KR AGILUS, KR DELTA and KR 6 SCARA families of robots. Its compact size saves floor space and provides significantly increased mounting flexibility, along with seamless integration of software and robot compatibility.
With an overall volume of only 16 liters and a weight of just 9 kg, the KR C5 micro mounts horizontally or vertically in a wall-mounted/bookshelf orientation, with multiple stacked units, or in an existing standard 19” rack mount cabinet. Optional mounting brackets for controller fastening allow the new controller to adapt to existing industry-standard rack mount rails to incorporate multiple robot controllers within a single cabinet. With a lighter, more compact design, the KR C5 micro is easy to deliver/ship, set up and relocate if needed.
Featuring a KUKA KR 3 AGILUS robot and KUKA.VisionTech 2D object recognition system, the company’s ready2_educate mobile training cell provides a complete starter package for entry into the world of robotics. Designed specifically for schools, universities and company training facilities, the cell lets students and trainees quickly and easily learn the basics of robot technology. The ready2_educate cell is a complete learning system including various curriculums, exercises and hardware that enable academic institutions to quickly develop robotics courses and programs. From simple stacking tasks to robot vision to complex continuous path motion and corresponding logic programming, the ready2_educate training cell prepares the skilled specialists of tomorrow. 
With machine tending on its list of applications, KUKA’s KMR iiwa is intelligent, flexible, mobile and autonomous. For this mobile robot, KUKA combined the strengths of its sensitive LBR iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant) lightweight robot with a mobile and autonomous platform. This makes the KMR iiwa robot an extremely versatile, location-independent production assistant with an unrestricted workspace – an ideal basis for the intelligent, networked production worlds of Industry 4.0. As an autonomous configuration, the robot collaborates safely with humans and rides on omnidirectional wheels for unlimited maneuverability.
Whether mounted on the floor, on the ceiling, on a wall or inclined, KUKA’s KR IONTEC robots provide the best of two worlds: a compact design and the largest working envelope in their class – a maximum reach of 3,100 mm – for optimal use of space. The option to convert the payload capacity of the installed robot from 30 kg to up to 70 kg also makes it extremely flexible. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in the medium-payload category, the KR IONTEC is equipped with a waterproof, dustproof in-line wrist and protected motors. A foundry option enables use in extremely hot environments, with an expanded temperature range from 0° to 55°C.
Also showcasing machine tending at CMTS, KUKA will pair one of its KR 3 AGILUS robots with a flexible feeder and sorter system from Skye Automation Inc. The pre-built vision-guided automation cell easily integrates into any number of applications or larger projects, offering a high degree of flexibility for manufacturing processes. 

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KUKA is a global automation corporation with sales of around EUR 3.2 billion and around 14,000 employees. The KUKA Group is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. As a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers its customers everything from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems and their networking, in markets such as automotive, electronics, general industry, consumer goods, e-commerce/retail and healthcare.

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