Automation 2022 Volume 4: Cybersecurity & Connectivity

  • November 03, 2022
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Automation 2022 Volume 4: Cybersecurity & Connectivity

Volume 4

Automation 2022 Volume 4: Cybersecurity & Connectivity

As businesses travel their respective journeys toward digital transformation, they realize every day that securing their industrial control system (ICS) networks can be formidable. Operational technology (OT) systems continue to evolve rapidly. While modern OT and information technology (IT) systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices bring huge benefits to critical infrastructure and industrial organizations, they also bring new cybersecurity challenges.

Everything comes with risks. Cybersecurity attacks, vulnerability exploits, and digital espionage have crossed the boundaries into what were once considered off-limit targets. Our job as automation professionals is to recognize those risks and counter them head on.

This edition of AUTOMATION 2022: Cybersecurity & Connectivity shows you strategies and solutions for securing OT/ICS infrastructure. Discover the top 25 ICS vulnerabilities and how to counteract them, how to mitigate industrial network vulnerabilities, best practices for cybersecurity risk reduction, risk assessment strategies, and advice on how to build an appropriate cybersecurity plan.

-Jack Smith, Contributing Editor

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