Embedded Labs announces OPC-UA embedded server kit

OPC-UA Embedded Server SDK combines the company's OPC-UA Device Server Software Development Kits for Microcontrollers and Microprocessors into a single unified product.

Software Toolbox introduces TOP Server HMI software for Oil & Gas

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

TOP Server Version 5.9 adds an Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Suite that enables EFM data export for midstream applications in the oil and gas industry.

Kepware announces KEPServerEX 5.9 for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Kepware

Drivers ensure systems and devices supporting pipelines, wells, and drilling rigs can easily gather and share vital operational information.

MatrikonOPC Enhances Allen Bradley OPC Server

  • MatrikonOPC

Enhancements include a comprehensive connectivity package for all Allen-Bradley PLCs in one OPC Server and an optimized workflow.

Integration Objects releases OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight

  • Integration Objects

Integration Objects' OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight empowers its users to collect and monitor real-time data and events with high frequency from multiple control systems and automation data sources.

Advantech introduces Studio 7.0 HMI/SCADA Software

  • Advantech Industrial Automation Group

Studio 7.0 supports OPC UA, OPC .NET, OPC DA and OPC XML in addition to nearly 250 drivers that communicate with PLCs and controllers from all major manufacturers.

MatrikonOPC Expands Modbus OPC Server

  • MatrikonOPC

Enhancements in the OPC Server for Modbus include built-in role-based security down to the per-tag level.

Software Toolbox introduces OPC Data-UA

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

OPC Data-UA supports the next-generation Unified Architecture OPC standard.

Softing enhances OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits

  • Softing Inc.

Enhancements in V1.00 of the Toolkit offer increased usability through an optimized application programming interface (API), improved documentation, and additional sample projects.

Kepware releases KEPServerEX 5.8 software

  • Kepware

Enahncements in KEPServerEX 5.8 include an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited Driver, and improvements to more fully integrate with Fisher ROC and ROC Plus Controllers.