Software Toolbox releases TOP Server 5.8 Connectivity Software

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

TOP Server 5.8 now has 24 new drivers, including ControlLogix Slave Ethernet driver and ControlLogix firmware up through Revision 20.

MatrikonOPC releases OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers

  • MatrikonOPC

Server lets wind farm operators access key performance and maintenance data from their Siemens wind turbines without relying on proprietary drivers.

ICONICS upgrades Hyper Historian software

Enhancements in version 10.61 include a Performance Calculation Engine that allows users to configure complex calculations that can be triggered periodically or on any data change event.

ICONICS updates Energy AnalytiX energy management software

Enhancements in v 10.61 include a "Virtual" meter type for calculated meters, grouping support for meter type and external data import and processing.

ICONICS enhances GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA software

Enhancements in version 10.61 include faster data communications, expanded GraphWorX64 Object Properties, and streamlined TrendWorX64 Configuration/Runtime.

Industrial Video & Control enhances Longwatch camera management software

  • Industrial Video & Control

Enhancements in Longwatch 5.4 include a graphics engine enabling the display of real-time OPC data and graphics embedded on the video image.

Control See enhances U.C.ME-OPC Alarm software

  • Control-See Software Solutions

Version 2012 now has an integrated built-in alarm expression builder and calculator.

Software Toolbox Enhances TOP Server Software

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

TOP Server 5.7 delivers new drivers, enhancements to the main server and more than 19 drivers and plug-ins.

Kepware Technologies updates KEPServerEX Version 5.7

  • Kepware

Enhancements in KEPServerEX version 5.7 includes Lufkin Modbus Serial, Bristol BSAP IP, Alstom Redundant Ethernet and Weatherford 8500 Serial drivers for the oil & gas and water & wastewater industries.

MatrikonOPC introduces Alarms and Events Historian

  • MatrikonOPC

The Historian does not require any programming or manual setup. Users simply connect to an OPC Server and start collecting A&E data instantly.