Rockwell Automation Expands PlantPAx Software

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

Rockwell added 10 VMware Ready software products to its PlantPAx Process Automation System to help manufacturers leverage the benefits of virtualization.

ICONICS Releases AlarmWorX64 Multimedia

AlarmWorX64 Multimedia is an OPC alarm management software solution for 32 and 64-bit servers.

MatrikonOPC Introduces KNX OPC Server

  • MatrikonOPC

The KNX OPC Server for Building Automation integrates devices that communicate via the KNX protocol with HMI, ERP software and OPC-enabled reporting tools.

Software Toolbox Releases N2 OPC Server for Johnson Controls Networks

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

The N2 protocols are Optomux-based protocols commonly used in HVAC and other facilities automation networks.

MatrikonOPC releases OPC Server for LonWorks

  • MatrikonOPC

With its built-in tag-level security, the LonWorks OPC Server helps protect the integrity of building automation systems.

Exele adds Alarm Analytics to TopView Software

  • Exele Information Systems, Inc.

Alarm Analytics provides local and remote alarm history analysis through interactive tables and charts.

MatrikonOPC releases OPC Universal Connectivity Server

  • MatrikonOPC

Server allows vendors and OEMS to provide secure connectivity to every major control system and application on the market.

Software Toolbox enhances FactoryWidgets Manufacturing Software

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

Version 3.2 adds standards-based OPC data sources, expanded licensing flexibility, and added flexibility for displaying KPI data values.

CimQuest INGEAR updates Visual Studio .NET class libraries

  • CimQuest INGEAR

Enhancements provide an alternative to OPC-based driver software for for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5 families of programmable logic controllers.

As One takes DCOM out of Catalyst OPC server

  • Savigent Software

Catalyst System Development Platform (SDP) version 3.4 eliminates the need for Microsoft DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) in distributed applications.