AUTOMATION 2021: Trends Analysis Special Report

  • August 03, 2021
AUTOMATION 2021: Trends Analysis Special Report
AUTOMATION 2021: Trends Analysis Special Report

Manufacturing Digitalization: Embrace Change for Growth and Proļ¬ts

These are exciting times to be involved in industrial automation. The changes that come from the digitalization of manufacturing and production systems through the use of new technologies are starting to have major impacts.

Automation professionals are critical to successfully selecting and applying new technologies and guiding management to maximize an organization’s success. The collaboration of experienced industrial automation veterans with younger professionals that understand open IoT and computing industry technologies is already leading to the creation of highly effective solutions at manufacturing organizations.

Download this special report on the top 12 trends that are manifesting the manufacturing digital revolution. Read more about:
  • Evolving manufacturing enviornments and the need to digitize and automate
  • How open standards are essesential for innovation
  • High expecations of 5G wireless communications for industrial applications
  • Growing trends around edge computing
  • Cybersecurity integration
  • How robotics innovations enable new applications, and more