Cloud-based Hyper Historian Utilizes Microsoft Azure

  • December 02, 2014
Cloud-based Hyper Historian Utilizes Microsoft Azure
Cloud-based Hyper Historian Utilizes Microsoft Azure

Hyper Historian is a high speed, reliable and robust industrial plant historian solution designed for mission critical applications. ICONICS’ exciting new cloud-enabled technology makes Hyper Historian one of the first industrial plant historians available on the cloud. It is now more scalable than ever, as clients can utilize Microsoft Corp.’s cloud application platform to access their big data from any desktop, Web browser or mobile device. This feature reduces IT costs with simple setup and minimal maintenance requirements, allowing customers to infinitely grow their application based on the changing needs of their business. Customers experience increased collaboration while maintaining the security that they have come to expect from ICONICS products.

“Hyper Historian is being used in applications throughout the world,” said Russ Agrusa, ICONICS president and CEO, “in applications requiring fast, intuitive, and adaptive integration with big data.”

“Data historians are integral to how today’s successful businesses make the best use out of big data,” said Caglayan Arkan, general manager, Manufacturing & Resources Sales at Microsoft. “ICONICS has coupled the reliability and scalability of Azure with its Hyper Historian solution and Cloud Connector technology to create one of the first industrial plant historians available on the cloud, enabling access to vast amounts of data from any desktop, Web browser or mobile device.”

In addition to cloud compatibility, Hyper Historian now also includes a new “Hyper to Hyper” feature, which enables data logger to data logger communications to aggregate and merge information from any plant historian server. This allows Hyper Historian servers to exchange data hierarchically with other Hyper Historian servers or with third-party historians. These exchanges can be triggered on a schedule or manually on demand, regardless of whether the server is located on premise or in the cloud. This enables remote access to the most critical information with maximum flexibility and control.

Taking full advantage of the latest 64-bit .NET-based computing technologies and numerous performance features, including full utilization of multi-core hardware, Hyper Historian is a leading plant historian, compatible with Windows 8, Certified for Windows Server 2012, and integrated with SQL Server 2012 and Azure. The software also fully utilizes OPC UA communication standards, as well as a wide variety of other protocols for connecting to existing infrastructure.

The above enhancements add to Hyper Historian's already extensive capabilities that include:

Integrated Redundancy – Supports redundancy at all levels, including the use of remote distributed data collectors, multiple distributed loggers and multiple OPC classic and OPC UA interfaces.

Intelligent Asset Technology – Hyper Historian can now be integrated with AssetWorX™, the ISA-95-compliant Asset Modeling tool available with the GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA system. Any analysis derived by Hyper Historian can be included as a property of any asset.

Third-party OPC HDA Compliance – Assures interoperability with hundreds of applications and integrates automatic failover to active loggers.

Powerful Performance Calculations – The extensive performance calculation capabilities can now be configured to execute on redundant platforms.

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ICONICS, a globally managed Microsoft Gold Partner, 2014 Microsoft Public Sector CityNext Partner of the Year Award Winner and past recipient of the Microsoft Sustainability Partner of the Year award, provides solutions to improve productivity, reduce integration time and operating costs, and optimize asset utilization with visualization and automation software. Founded in 1986, ICONICS has 300,000 installations in over 60 countries worldwide. ICONICS meets the demanding application challenges of the automotive, building automation, food and beverage, government infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, utilities and water/wastewater industries. As a managed Microsoft ISV Partner, ICONICS designs its solutions to utilize Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint. ICONICS is the honored recipient of multiple Microsoft awards and achievements.

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