Saelig releases Packet-Master USB-PDA Power Delivery Analyzer

  • September 16, 2014
Saelig releases Packet-Master USB-PDA Power Delivery Analyzer
Saelig releases Packet-Master USB-PDA Power Delivery Analyzer

September 16, 2014 - Saelig announces Packet-Master USB-PDA USB Power Delivery Analyzers and Exercisers. Designed for FSK and Baseband variants of USB Power Delivery, the Packet-Master USB-PDA is a Power Delivery Analyzer, and the Packet-Master USB-PDA-E is a Power Delivery Exerciser and Analyzer. Each is supplied with a PC-based Windows application called GraphicUSB for capturing and displaying PD interactions.   "USB Power Delivery" is a specification allowing USB to provide power in a more flexible and adaptable way. The FSK version uses two-way signaling superimposed on the existing VBUS wire in the USB cable.  The Packet-Master USB-PDA has been designed to conform to the USB Implementers Forum Power Delivery Compliance Plan where any non-compliance with the protocol and timings is highlighted, and a detailed problem description displayed.   The Packet-Master USB-PDA connects passively (non-intrusively) between two USB PD devices, and captures all PD activity without influencing the link-observing and displaying all the important timings, together with VBUS voltage and current measurements. The Exerciser version Packet-Master USB-PDA-E can act as a Provider, Provider/Consumer, Consumer or Consumer/Provider, performing all common PD operations, including Requests, Swaps, Hard Resets, and BIST Mode Requests. Simultaneously, an Analyzer Capture may be performed, in order to view how the unit under test responds. The Packet-Master USB-PDA detects and displays:   

  • Each PD message packet (pre-amble bits, SOP ordered set, header and data objects).
  • Each bit field: analyzed, described and any potential non-compliances highlighted.
  • Test Pattern Frames: displayed and analyzed to indicate whether they contain a valid PRBS test pattern.
  • Bit Stream and other continuous waveforms: displayed, with an analysis of their type.
  • The VBUS voltage and current - errors clearly shown.
  • SOP', SOP'', SOP' debug and SOP'' debug messages.

A special feature of the Packet-Master USB-PDA is the plug-in panel for flexibility in connection to the Units Under Test. Compact (7.5" x 5.5" x 2.8") and lightweight (2lb), the USB-PDA and USB-PDA-E the Packet-Master USB-PDA and Packet-Master USB-PDA-E are supplied complete with GraphicUSB software CD and external 110V power supply.  Designed and made by Europe's foremost USB experts MQP Electronics, they are available now at $4999.00 and $6999.00 from Saelig Company Inc. Fairport, NY. About Saelig Company Inc. Founded in 1988 in Rochester, New York, Saelig is a North American distributor with a growing reputation for finding and sourcing remarkable, unique test and measurement and control products and components for use in a wide variety of industries. Products lines are continuously added from sources across the globe, and are offered at competitive prices, accompanied by full in-house technical support, exceptional customer service, and fast delivery. 

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