ICONICS Releases AlarmWorX64 Multimedia

  • October 06, 2010

October 6, 2010 — ICONICS released AlarmWorX64 Multimedia, an OPC alarm management software solution for 32 and 64-bit servers. With 11 configurable robust agents, AlarmWorX64 MMX is a comprehensive OPC alarm management solution. AlarmWorX64 MMX is an optional enhancement to the GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA suite and is designed to interface to any OPC Alarm and Event compliant server. AlarmWorX64 MMX is easily and conveniently configurable using standard internet browsers. The following Agents are offered with AlarmWorX64 MMX:

  • Telephony Agent: Calls a defined number & gives a message with options to respond.
  • Pager Agent: Delivers alarms to numeric, alphanumeric and two-way pagers.
  • Video Agent: Plays a pre-recorded video or a video captured at the time of an alarm.
  • E-mail Agent: Receive and acknowledge alarms using text and e-mail messages.
  • Skype Messaging Agent: Delivers instant text messages to any Skype account.
  • Marquee Agent: Sends alarm & event messages to software and hardware marquees.
  • Sound / Text-to-Speech Agent: Plays pre-recorded sound bites on an alarm condition.
  • Fax Agent: Sends alarm notifications via fax.
  • Popup Agent: Launches any application to provide alarm massages.
  • Task Tray Agent: Delivers a pop-up message to the Windows taskbar notification area.
  • Custom Agent: Allows users to create their own Multimedia agent.

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