Products for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

ABB Ability Performance Optimization Service for Cold Rolling Mills Combines Remote Expert Insight and Continuous Monitoring

  • ABB

New ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization Service for cold rolling mills unlocks greater levels of productivity, quality and yield.

Timmer’s IoT Solution Enables Live Monitoring

With tim®IOT, Timmer GmbH launches a digital solution that for the first time allows a location-independent real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance even for purely mechanical pumps. tim®IOT consists of a retrofittable sensor for data acquisition and the tim®IOT smartbox.

HMS Networks's Ewon Plexy Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status

  • HMS Networks

HMS Networks launches new PTC Marketplace solution which enables users to bridge machine data to PTC’s ThingWorx® Platform using Ewon® Flexy and the Talk2M® cloud.

Seeq Announces Seeq Enterprise & Seeq Team Editions

  • Seeq Corporation

New editions address end-user deployment requirements from individual plants and facilities
to multi-plant enterprise and cloud deployments.

Bressner Technology Now Offers the BOXER-8521AI Edge Computing Systems for Developers and Users

Bressner Technology, an industry-leading provider of AI edge platforms, announces that the BOXER-8521AI is now available in its product portfolio.

Dynamic Computer Corporation Introduces Scoring Methodology That Calculates & Ranks Supply Chain Risk Exposure

Dynamic Supply Chain Risk Scoring™ provides data-driven analyses of inherent risks at every stage of complex supply chains.

Europlacer's ii-A1 and ii-A2 Modules Become Industry's First Placement Systems to be CFX Certified by IPC

The ground-breaking new ii-A1 and ii-A2 modules from Europlacer are the first placement systems from any supplier to be certified by the IPC as CFX compliant.

Kaiser Optical Systems's Innovative Raman Spectrometers Provide IIoT Connectivity

  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Integrated Raman spectroscopy analyzers provide highly accurate in situ measurements while providing 24/7 connectivity to critical data.

Kirk Key Interlock Company Introduces Salvo InSite to Transform Loading Docks Through Data Analytics

New Salvo InSite Platform transforms loading docks through data analytics.

Raspberry Pi Industrial Design Partner OnLogic Unveils Its First Raspberry Pi-Powered Device

In celebration of Pi Day, OnLogic unveils the first details about their upcoming industrial grade Raspberry Pi-powered system intended for use in industrial, automation and IoT applications.