OSI to supply SCADA system to power company in Chile

  • May 29, 2012
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May 29, 2012 - Open Systems International (OSI) will supply a modern and centralized SCADA/EMS system in replacement of a legacy Siemens system at Transelec, the largest transmission company in Chile. It serves 98% of the electricity customers, via more than 8,500 kilometers (5,000 miles) of high-voltage transmission lines and 54 substations that extend throughout the length of the country, deployed from the Northern Interconnected System and the Central Interconnected System.

Operation of this extensive network to this point has been achieved through the use of a common SCADA/EMS system, shared between Transelec and other utilities. In order to modernize and achieve optimal operation, Transelec has chosen to implement a SCADA/EMS system based on OSI’s monarch (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) platform. Transelec’s SCADA/EMS system is set to include the advanced functionality of OSI’s .NET based Graphical User Interface (GUI); Remote Console GUI; Dynamic Tabular Display Subsystem; Data Engineering and Maintenance Subsystem; Advanced Alarm Management System; Real-time and Historical Trending; Communications Front-end Processor; Historical Information System and Data Archiving; Inter-control Center Communications Protocol; Historical Recording System; Calculation & Scripting Subsystem; Disturbance Data Collection; Advanced Field Commissioning Task Management; Network Security Analysis; Common Information Model Interface; Geographic Information Systems Interface; and Switching Order Management software products, with monarch interfaces to ODBC and SNMP. “Transelec is always looking for ways to incorporate more and better technology into its processes as part of a policy of continuous improvement; therefore, we are pleased to implement a new SCADA/EMS system to automate our area of operations which is relevant to the company. We look forward to forming alliances with providers of excellence,” said Rodrigo Lopez, Transelec’s Vice President of Operations. “At Tecnet we are proud to embark on this project in partnership with Transelec, as it will mean a big change for Transelec to obtain the independent control and operation of its vast electrical network. Furthermore, we’re very happy to be Transelec’s technology provider, entering into a long-term partnership and aiming to support Transelec every step of the way,” said Gustavo Martinez, Tecnet’s Electrical and Water Division Manager for Latin America. “OSI is thrilled to continue its expansion in Latin America, welcoming a customer with the reputation of Transelec; and are very excited to be partnering with both Transelec and Tecnet. We are looking forward to a successful endeavor to contribute to the delivery of excellent electrical services in Chile. The shared goal is to implement a truly revolutionary system for one of the leading electrical utilities in South America and make it a reference of operational excellence in the market,” said Bahman Hoveida, President and CEO of OSI. Tecnet is a leader in South America at system integration for automation, control and communications. Tecnet has been working and leading integration projects for the most important utilities in Latin America, with innovative, complete and customized solutions in information, automation, control and instrumentation for every aspect of the electrical process (from substations to control centers). The main solutions provided by Tecnet are SCADA systems with DMS, EMS, OTS, AGC, OMS & GIS applications, as well as the control and automation of substations. OSI provides open, state-of-the-art and high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. These solutions include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Network Management Systems (NMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Generation Management Systems (GMS); as well as individual software and hardware products and Smart Grid Solutions for utility operations. OSI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  

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