Toposens announces release of TS3 ultrasonic sensor

  • July 11, 2019
Toposens announces release of TS3 ultrasonic sensor
Toposens announces release of TS3 ultrasonic sensor

July 11, 2019 – Toposens announced the release of their current flag-ship product TS3, a 3D ultrasonic sensor suitable for a range of applications in the autonomous systems market that require a need for reliable object detection and situational awareness.

Toposens’ 3D sensors achieve a field of view of up to 160° and provide simultaneous 3D measurements for multiple objects within the scanning area. The operation thus mimics the echolocation techniques used by bats and dolphins for navigation and orientation in the wild.

The TS3 sensor combines hardware components with signal processing algorithms. It is suited for indoor robotic navigation and object avoidance.

Use cases include home cleaning robots and delivery/service robots. The TS3 sensor enables them to map an environment and to  localize themselves in predefined maps to execute complex path planning algorithms. TS3 sensors perform independently of ambient light conditions and are even capable of detecting mirroring and transparent surfaces. For reliability the generated 3D point cloud can be fused with data from other system-relevant sensors.

The TS3 sensor is an embedded sensor system that sends out ultrasound waves in a frequency range inaudible by humans. An array of microphones subsequently records the echoes from all objects in the sensor’s vicinity and computes their location in a 3-dimensional space. It therefore creates an new way of ultrasonic sensing for autonomous systems.

The core technology is based on the Toposens’ SoundVision1 chip making the sensor system adaptable to a variety of product designs. This qualifies the TS3 as a technology platform for developing next-level mass market vehicles in robotic and even automotive use cases like automated parking and next-level ADAS functionality.

Technical specifications include a detection range of up to 5 meters and a scan rate of approximately 28 Hz. The TS3 returns up to 200 points per second with each 3D point corresponding to the cartesian coordinates and an additional volume measurement of the ultrasound wave’s echo returned by an object’s surface.

Along with the TS3 sensor, Toposens offers a toolkit for the Robotics Operating System (ROS) middleware designed to make the sensor easy to integrate into preexisting systems and enabling fast prototyping for high-level navigation capabilities. The team is currently working on adding advanced decision-making algorithms to their software and complimentary tutorial stack.

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