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When Smart Technology Meets Manufacturing

  • by Abhishek Pani
  • Feature

Manufacturing has long been an industry that’s synonymous with transformation–an evolution that has impacted human history since the days of the Industrial Revolution. Today, though, manufacturers are experiencing another wave of innovation, leading to dramatic shifts in production unit economics. It should be no surprise to anyone who has followed digital transformation in other sectors that this transformation is driven by software, data and machine learning. 

Hire the Right Team to Succeed in Automation

  • by Thomas R. Cutler
  • Feature

Automation is only effective when operators care for the production line. A skilled manufacturing workforce has considerable impact on product quality and manufacturing cycle efficiency.

After a Tough Two Years, Industrial Robots are Back on Track

  • News

2019-20: unprecedented events caused continuous negative growth for the first time for the industrial robotics sector. Swift recovery predicted: 9%+ growth forecast for 2021; CAGR of 4.6% predicted for 21-24.

Wibu-Systems Adds Support for Protecting Python Code in its Native Form

  • News

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in protection, licensing, and security technologies, has added support for protecting Python code in its native form with all the ease and versatility of its popular CodeMeter ecosystem.

New Tax Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Automation Integrators

  • by Tracy Lustyan
  • Feature

There is no doubt that automation is the key to unlocking our potential across all industries in the very near future, and there are substantial tax breaks available to incentivize this movement.

When Robots are Unsafe

  • by Claudia Jarret
  • Feature

Manufacturers must embrace digital culture for safe human-robot working.

Cargo Cove Selects inVia Logic Warehouse Execution System Software to Optimize Warehouse

  • News

The AI-powered software system optimizes warehouse workers’ accuracy and productivity.

IDTechEx Explores 6G Communication Myths

  • News

6G Communications will become one of the largest technology investments. It is currently in the healthy first stage of promising everything to widely deploy some in 2030. Meanwhile, 5G to "Beyond 5G" awaits.

New Key Account Manager for Ametek Surface Vision to Strengthen Support for Metals and Paper Sectors in the U.S.

  • News

AMETEK Surface Vision, a leading provider of online surface inspection and web monitoring solutions, has appointed John Palazzolo as Key Account Manager in the U.S.

Case Study: Innovative, Electric Rope Balancer with Delta MH300 Series Micro Drive

  • Case Study

For many years, the industry has relied upon pneumatic rope balancers to handle and position loads with precision. However, the compressed air required is not always available and, in some cases, is even prohibited. ZASCHE handling turned to Delta Industrial Automation to draw upon their expertise in motor control solutions.