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An Emerging Market for CO2 Gas Sensors to Assess COVID-19 Transmission Risk

  • by Dr. Luyun Jiang
  • Feature

Due to the close link of the indoor CO2 concentration and aerosol density, using CO2 gas sensors to monitor the indoor environment can be an efficient method to control the COVID-19 outbreak.

How Industrial Software Can Simplify Sustainability

  • by George Walker
  • Feature

George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland, explores how industrial business leaders can simplify the process of managing energy usage and improving sustainability.

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Joins OnRobot and Hirebotics CEOs to Discuss the Future of Manufacturing

  • News

In a virtual panel hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), robotics thought leaders gather Nov. 19 to discuss benefits of collaborative robotics applications, offering insights and advice for manufacturers implementing this fast-growing segment of automation.

AAEON Honored as Solutions Plus Partner in Intel® Network Builders Winner’s Circle for 2020

  • News

AAEON is honored to be recognized in the Intel® Network Builders Winner’s Circle for 2020 as a Solutions Plus Partner.

The Standoff: Worldwide Virtual Cyber Range Highlights Real-World Cyber Risks & Defensive Techniques

  • News

Rapid digitalization continues to impact nearly all aspects of our lives. But along with the benefits come risks that didn’t exist prior to the interconnected digital world.

Massive IoT Disruption Coming to an OT Network Near You

  • by Patrick Bedwell
  • Feature

​What many operators may not realize is that adoption of large volumes IoT devices will occur in virtually every industry, not just a few. Simply put, the scope of change this adoption will demand in the IT and OT ecosystem is enormous.

IFS Acquires Clevest, Extending Leadership in Service Management Solutions

  • News

IFS announces it has completed the acquisition of Clevest Solutions Inc., the leading provider of mobile workforce management and advanced network deployment solutions in the utilities vertical. This acquisition extends IFS’s leadership in service management solutions as it intensifies its focus on driving service experience.

Ouster and CronAI Partner to Bring Intelligent 3D Perception to Automated Machines

  • News

Deep tech 3D perception platform start-up CronAI has partnered with Ouster, the leading supplier of digital lidar technology, to support Ouster’s current spinning lidar sensors and next-generation solid-state lidar.

Case Study: Fracking Water-transfer Application Reduces Upstream Costs in Remote Areas

  • Case Study

An upstream service provider has implemented a Bedrock OSA Remote secure control node in a fracking water transfer application. This node, which replaces traditional PLCs to synchronize and monitor water pumping across miles of remote desert terrain, increased operational efficiency by over 50 percent.

EcoStruxure Control Expert

  • by Michel Ausseil & Guillaume Martine
  • News

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