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Applied Manufacturing Technologies Hires Business Development Managers George Toldy & Stephen McLaren

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AMT hires George Toldy, Jr., MBA and Stephen D. McLaren to support increase in demand for the company’s engineering services, turnkey automated systems, and control system integration solutions.

Edge Computing Enables IT and OT Convergence with Three Core Benefits

  • by Jason Andersen
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On the whole, the value of IT and OT convergence with Edge Computing offers three core benefits to enterprises that need to extract data from the operational edge, gain insight, manage mission critical applications, and reduce IT costs and management.

Workflow Automation Engine B2B eCommerce Digital Transformation

  • by Yoav Kutner
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While the drive for “more, better, faster, cheaper” may seem relentless, technology provides the tools that make it possible. Flexible B2B eCommerce workflows are a powerful way to help increase productivity and profitability.

ASME’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition to Take Place Nov. 16-19

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) hosts its annual International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), the largest interdisciplinary mechanical engineering conference in the world, online Nov. 16-19.

Ametek Surface Vision to Take Part in Quality Alliance Virtual Quality Days for the Metals Industry

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AMETEK Surface Vision, a leading provider of online surface inspection solutions, will be taking part in two Quality Alliance virtual quality days on Nov. 26 and Dec. 3, 2020.

Case Study: How Do You Update 900 PLCs in Warehouses with Minimal Downtime?

  • Case Study

The following application of a CODESYS customer, the Gebhardt Intralogistics Group, shows how Digital Twins in the cloud and a cloud-based controller management can speed up the process of updating a large number of PLCs to the point where it’s just a few mouse clicks.

DOE Smart Manufacturing Institute Announces New Project Call to Address Manufacturing Challenges

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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) announced up to $4 million in new funding to improve energy-intensive manufacturing processes and strengthen America's manufacturing sector.

PAS Named #1 Global Alarm Management Software Provider by Leading Analyst Firm

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PAS PlantState Integrity recognized for analyzing data from disparate sources to provide critical safety and production information that improves operator situation awareness.

How Automation Can Create New Opportunities for High- or Lower-skilled Workers

  • by Claudia Jarrett
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Claudia Jarrett, country manager at obsolete parts supplier EU Automation, explains how, through automation, manufacturers can greatly enhance their processes—and address the US’s continued labor skills shortage.

New Research Shows Attackers Turning to Encrypted Attacks During Pandemic

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Encryption-based threats grow by 260% in 2020 healthcare, finance and manufacturing under an onslaught of attacks.