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Guiding the Industry: AGVs and the Smart Factory

  • by Jonathan Wilkins
  • Feature

This article discusses how automated guided vehicles have advanced from simple materials handlers to intelligent autonomous robots.

Rolls-Royce announces electronics manufacturing capability at Purdue

  • News

The first controller has been completed at Rolls-Royce in the Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District adjacent to the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, and will be installed onto a Rolls-Royce AE 3007H engine, manufactured at the company’s facilities in Indianapolis.

Industrial Automation Jobs in the Making

  • by Renee Bassett
  • News

Research by Salesleads, a company that tracks industrial companies that are planning construction, expansion, or relocation projects in North America, 435 new projects are in the works as of February 2020, an activity increase of 1% from the previous month.

Comau announces partnership with Exechon to develop machining solutions

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With the objective of spearheading a machining paradigm able to handle large, complex aluminum parts, the companies have started a strategic cooperation.

Manufacturers sensor-ing an opportunity

  • by Mark Howard
  • News

The automotive sensor market saw the highest growth in 2018, and the Research and Markets predicts the automotive sector will continue to dominate the sensor market until 2029. So, what can the wider manufacturing industry learn from this?

MSC partners with Plus One Robotics to support customer fulfillment centers

  • News

With Plus One Robotics, MSC has deployed a patent-pending 3D-vision and AI-enabled robotic packing system in its Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, customer fulfillment center and now plans to implement the system across its five major centers.

Graham Packaging announces Balaji Jayaseelan as director of sustainability and regulatory affairs

  • News

In his role, Jayaseelan will drive company-wide sustainability initiatives for plant operations, design, engineering, procurement, finance and marketing.

Yokogawa announces acquisition of stake in APB Corporation

  • News

The two companies have agreed that Yokogawa will provide energy management technology needed for the efficient operation and optimization of large-scale storage batteries.

Embracing the Cloud for Labeling

  • by Josh Roffman
  • Feature

There are a host of advantages in adopting the SaaS model for business solutions such as labeling. Not surprisingly there is both a growing trend for companies to integrate labeling with their cloud-based enterprise applications as well as a distinct move to embrace cloud based labeling solutions.

NK Technologies introduces 2020 Product Catalog

  • News

The 2020 product catalog features performance data, sizes, specifications, and technical references for the company’s portfolio of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, and ground fault protection products.