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Portescap Launches Online Tools for Seamless Product Evaluation and Ordering

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Portescap has unveiled two new online tools to streamline the process of evaluating and buying miniature motors. MotionCompass delivers product recommendations for brush and brushless DC motors based on user criteria, and the eStore lets users quickly and easily find, configure and order Portescap miniature motors.

Beckhoff Opens Milwaukee Office to Strengthen Great Lakes Area Business Development

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New facility supports automation innovation across industries and has a focus on freshwater conservation technologies.

Universal Robots Takes ActiNav Next-Gen Machine Loading on Tour, Adds New Systems Integrators

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The leading manufacturer of collaborative robots goes on tour this summer, showcasing its new solution for flexible machine loading at live events hosted by partners across the U.S. To further address demand, Universal Robots is adding four new ActiNav Solutions Providers to assist manufacturers in ActiNav deployments.

Case Study: Cookie Packaging Machine Maker Gains Flexible Feeders

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Case study: Cavanna optimized its flow-pack machines with the Beckhoff XTS intelligent transport system to improve the feeder component. The results included improved flexibility for product changeovers and gentle and efficient product handling.

Bringing Your Factory to the Edge in 2021

  • by Mark Russell
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Use existing field devices, network connections, and controllers to build an edge-connected system that harnesses the full power of factory data. This article comes from the IIoT & Industry 4.0 eBook.

ABB to Deliver Artificial Intelligence Modelling for Data Center Energy Optimization in Singapore

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Pilot project with ST Telemedia Global Data Centres to map the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics, with a target of at least 10 percent energy savings.

IIoT and Sensing on the Edge

  • by Ryan Williams
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Modern instrumentation provides plenty of information—here’s how to get it into IIoT software. This article comes from the IIoT & Industry 4.0 eBook.

Industrial Internet Consortium Defines Trustworthiness for Cyber-Physical Systems

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Ensuring safety, security, privacy, reliability, and resilience in the context of application, industry.

Yokogawa Participates in Lunar Industry Vision Council and Jointly Submits Recommendations to the Government of Japan

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Yokogawa announces that, as a participant of the Lunar Industry Vision Council, it has worked with other members from government, academia, and industry to formulate a vision for a lunar industry, prepare a number of recommendations, and jointly submit them for the consideration of Inoue Shinji, Japan’s Minister of State for Space Policy.

The Roadmap to the Digital Thread Across The Product Lifecycle

  • by Jan Gilg and Tony Hemmelgarn
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Siloes between engineering and business have existed in enterprises for decades. As manufacturers design and deliver smarter products and assets, access to real-time business information across networks is critical to bring new and improved innovations to market faster.