Latest Automation & Control Products

Antaira introduces LEP-301M-KIT networking device

Antaira Technologies’ LEP-301M-KIT was designed to overcome the 100meter limitation of Ethernet. This kit comes with both the near end (LEP-301M-TX) and the far end (LEP-301M-RX) for a complete set.

Laird Connectivity releases Sentrius IG60-BL654 gateway

Based on Laird Connectivity’s 60 Series System-on-Module (SOM) and BL654 embedded Bluetooth module (Nordic nRF52840 silicon), the IG60-BL654 provides a platform for Bluetooth 5 long range sensor-to-cloud applications.

Omron introduces E2EW Series of metal face proximity sensors

The series of metal face proximity sensors is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of typical automotive welding processes with a fluororesin coating that provides increased spatter resistance.

STMicroelectronics announces VD55G0 and VD56G3 image sensors

These sensors are suited to a range of applications including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and 3D scanning.

H2W announces custom voice coils for ventilator applications

This design allows for a motors with minimal cross section diameter of up to 1.20 inches [30.5 mm], and strokes up to 0.60" [15.2 mm] stroke; this size generates up to 1.12 lbs [5.0 N] of continuous force and 3.36 lbs [15 N] of peak force. 

AW-Lake introduces EDGE Flow Sensor with optional Bluetooth

Mounted on meters including AW-Lake Gear Meters and Turbine Flow Meters, the EDGE Flow Sensor outputs a frequency, current or analog signal that gives users more installation flexibility, especially when unsure of readout equipment or a control room interface. 

PEAK-System announces PCAN-Router Pro FD 6-channel router and data logger

The routing from CAN to CAN FD or vice versa allows the integration of new CAN FD applications into existing CAN 2.0 buses.

Yaskawa Motoman announces HC20XP collaborative robot

The 20 kg payload HC20XP collaborative robot is suited for applications where robots need to safely work with, or in close proximity to humans.

GROB Systems announced GROB-NET4Industry Manufacturing Execution System

GROB-NET4Industry features various modular components that can be combined in a customizable manner, ensuring the solution for each application case.

L-com introduces latching USB 3.0 cable assemblies

L-com now stocks four new families of latching USB 3.0 cable assemblies that are designed to mate with any standard USB 3.0 Type-A jack. Low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) and Jacket PVC jacket options are available as well as latching Type-A and standard Type-B connecter combinations.