Products for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

Bosch Rexroth Launches Next-Generation Adaptive Resistance Welding Controller

  • Bosch Rexroth

PRC7000 family of high-speed automated welding controllers features advanced processors and new software to help manufacturers maximize welding throughput and quality.

Vision Research's Phantom S991 Machine Vision High-Speed Camera Provides Extreme Throughput with New Fiber Technology

Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, brings extreme throughput to machine vision applications with the introduction of the Phantom S991 Machine Vision camera.

OnLogic Unveils Rugged Industrial Computers Powered by 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake

The Karbon 800 Series will leverage Intel's new hybrid architecture to provide advanced computing power in challenging environments.

RS Components and Schneider Electric Unveil Interactive Motor Control Configurator

  • RS Components
  • Schneider Electric

Digital collaboration aims to streamline the product selection process.

Wago Provides an Alternative to Standard Jumpers

  • WAGO Corporation

Commoning possibilities with WAGO’s TOPJOB S continuous jumpers have expanded with the introduction of new 3 and 5 way continuous jumpers.

Ondosense's New Radar Sensor Enables Micrometer-precise Distance Measurement–Even in the Harshest Environments

German tech startup OndoSense has launched an ultra-precise radar sensor for distance measurement, which reliably measures even in the most difficult industrial environments with dirt, smoke, oil mist or adverse light at all times.

Okuma America Corporation Launches MA-600HIII Horizontal Machining Center

  • Okuma America Corporation

Members of the management team at Okuma America Corporation are excited to announce the launch of a next-generation machining center to join the company's horizontal machining center lineup.

Nord Drivesystems Provides High-Efficiency, Reliable Drive Systems for Demanding Packaging Applications


Compact, energy efficient drive systems from NORD are designed to be precisely positioned, reduce variants and maintenance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership for packaging systems.

Kassow Robots’ KR810 7-Axis Cobot is a Perfect Fit for Machine-Tending Applications

Strong—fast—simple: The lightweight robot KR810 has a payload of up to 10 kg, a reach of 850 mm, speed of 225 degree/second, and 7 degrees of freedom.

Aerotech Introduces Compact Hexapod for Precise 6-DOF Motion

  • Aerotech Inc

Aerotech Inc. has released the HEX150-140HL, a miniature hexapod six degree-of-freedom (DOF) positioning system that provides precise translation in the X, Y and Z directions and rotation around each of these axes.