Products for Automotive

Saelig introduces KLARI-CORD2 power consumption tester

KLARI-CORD2 tests and records power consumption and battery charge data for automotive applications at ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°C.

AME releases Amlok RLN pneumatic rod locks

RLN power-off pneumatic rod locks are suited for holding applications in industries such as automotive, mobile, food and machine tools.

SAS Automation announces GRZ 32EC-30 Actuated Rib Gripper

  • SAS Automation LLC

GRZ 32EC-30 Actuated Rib Gripper removes automotive bumper fascias from the mold.

Physik Instrumente introduces P-601 Piezo Flexure Actuators

Flexure actuators are used in fast-valve actuation mechanisms, and for precision positioning tasks ranging from automotive to data storage and biotech applications.

Endevco introduces 7290D variable capacitance accelerometer

It is designed to provide very high thermal stability and global accuracy required for measurement of relatively low-level accelerations in laboratory test and measurement, automotive and aerospace applications including both military and commercial flight testing.

HYRobotics introduces Supersize Robot for injection molding

  • Hyrobotics Corp

Robot can be installed on large injection molding machines for appliance, automotive and material handling applications.

Walther Prazision introduces Type 91489 tool changer for robots

Quick tool change system for welding and material handling robots are suitable for car and truck assembly.

Misumi releases single-axis actuators


Actuators are compatible with most servo motors to provide precision linear motion in automotive, packaging and manufacturing applications.

Green Hills announces toolkit for Freescale’s Automotive Microcontrollers

  • Green Hills Software

Components of the toolkit include: royalty-free RTOSes, optimizing C/C++ compilers for Power Architecture, MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) with multicore debugger, virtual prototyping platform, TimeMachine tool suite and high-speed Nexus hardware probes.

Moog announces turbine and testing actuators

Actuators include an electromechanical fail safe actuator for use in gas turbines and an electrical multi-axis actuator unit incorporating software control for automotive testing.