Products for Automotive

COGNEX introduces tiny DataMan 100 1D and 2D code reader

  • Cognex Corporation

The DataMan 100 reads 1D and 2D codes including UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5, Data Matrix, QR Code, and microQR Code. They are suitable for identifying items marked with 1D or 2D codes in the automotive, packaging, electronics, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Princo releases Model L2632 NULL-KOTE level transmitter for OEMs

  • Princo Instruments Inc.

The Model L2632 OEM NULL-KOTE transmitter is cost effective for OEM applications. The no-moving-part, all electronic unit is ideal for use in machinery and equipment such as beverage bottling machines, car washing systems, vending machines, automatic filling stations, material handling equipment, dispensers, packaging machines, and more. Price is about $200.

Rockwell Automation enhances FactoryTalk for automotive applications

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

Enhancements include two lean manufacturing solutions--Error Proofing and Andon--to help automotive industry manufacturers improve the accuracy and efficiency of production and assembly line processes. The Error Proofing solution is built using preconfigured modular templates within FactoryTalk; the Andon solution leverages FactoryTalk with the Logix Control Platform.

Ixxat announces CANopen interface for PCI express systems

  • Ixxat, Inc.

The iPC-I XC16/PCIe works in CAN applications, such as industrial control or automotive test stands. The interface supports PCI Express, has an on-board 16 bit microcontroller, and provides filtering, pre-processing, low latency, time triggered transmission or high precision time-stamping of CAN messages.

TURCK releases retractile Profibus-DP cordsets

  • TURCK Inc.

Retractile cordsets for PROFIBUS-DP networks may be extended up to four times their original retracted length. This makes the cordsets ideal for motion and robotics in automotive applications.

Objective Interface announces middleware that supports TI’s DaVinci processors

ORBexpress, based on the CORBA standard, allows embedded developers to use the performance benefits of TI’s DaVinci technology. ORBexpress enables code portability across both the TMS320C64x+ DSP and ARM cores of the DM644x devices, speeding development of a host of digital video processing applications—client-side video, security video surveillance, set-top boxes, video phones, and automotive vision systems.

NI announces third-party wireless modules for I/O

  • National Instruments Corporation

AVIAOK, Drivven and S.E.A. have developed custom wireless modules for the CompactRIO platform. Modules are suitable for automotive, aerospace and military in-vehicle applications; wireless communications; position monitoring for mobile applications; and direct connectivity to in-vehicle sensors for electronic control unit (ECU) design and rapid prototyping.

SEW-EURODRIVE introduces decentralized control for material handling applications

  • SEW - Eurodrive USA

MOVIFIT Field Integrated Technology combines the advantages of decentralized control with drive and communication technologies for automotive, food and beverage, logistics and other sophisticated material handling applications. Preconfigured control routines for both horizontal and vertical conveyor applications provide ready-to-use functions that simplify programming and start-up.

TURCK announces Armored Cordsets that eliminate need for conduit

  • TURCK Inc.

Armored M12 eurofast cordsets provide protection against abrasion, cuts, water, oil and impact, and are excellent for use in automotive, stamping plants and welding environments. The cordsets use rugged PVC-jacketed cable with interlocking aluminum armor that is ITC/PLTC (instrumentation tray cable) rated and meet Open Wiring specifications, allowing their use in place of conduit.

CSEM launches miniature vision sensor system

The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM)launched the ViSe miniature vision sensor system that enables broad-based monitoring and interpretation of visual data in real time, in any light conditions. It allows OEMs to develop application-specific image analysis and response systems aimed at automotive, security, building and home automation, and industrial markets.