Products for Automotive

Microchip Technology introduces ATA65XX family of CAN transceivers

The ATA6562, ATA6563, ATA6564, ATA6565 and ATA6566 build the automotive Grade 0 qualified CAN/CAN FD transceiver family with an ambient temperature rating of -40° to 150°C.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduces FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E Ethernet-connected variable frequency drives

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

These VFDs are designed for factory automation in the automotive and food processing sectors, as well as wastewater treatment plants. They can be used in process control applications, multiple pump control systems and in networks that require continuous monitoring, such as the measurement of energy consumption.

Microchip Technologies introduces MOST150 Dual Network Port INIC OS81119

Using Microchip’s OS81119 INIC is intended to allow customers to simplify the network architecture of automotive in-vehicle infotainment systems by using integrated coaxial physical layer (cPHY), optical physical layer (oPHY), daisy-chain topologies or creative hybrid combinations.

Microchip Technology introduces the MXT1665T-A family of automotive qualified touchscreen controllers

The technology brings the user experience of multi-touch HMI, such as on a mobile phone, to car drivers and passengers in screen sizes from eight to 15 inches.

TT Electronics introduces HM73E-10 series SMT power inductors

  • TT Electronics

TT Electronics' HM73E-10 series inductors will be of interest to system designers, component engineers and design engineers for use in automotive powertrains, engine and transmission control, hybrid electric vehicles, start-and-stop system and electric power steering applications.

Axiomtek announces tBOX324-894-FL fanless embedded computer

The tBOX324-894-FL features modular I/O design allowing flexibility of different combinations: for example, with four M12 connectors or optionally four RJ-45 for GbE LANs; with three isolated COMs and one isolated CANbus; or with four isolated COM ports.

Custom Automation & Machinery releases SEP-10T powder compacting press

  • Custom Automation, Inc.

The equipment is designed to benefit all industries which mold components with powder volumes of up to 5 cubic inches, including the automotive, sealing technologies (gaskets), medical devices, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries releases micro V5 micro milling machine

The micro V5 meets demand for a range of applications such as precision automotive parts, large-scale molds for display casings and other products, separators (the main component of fuel cells), and shaping blades for rotating machines.

EVT releases EyeSens ColorInspect vision sensor

The vision sensor levels out vibrations or fast movements of the machine in the production line. With IP67 and the integrated LED illumination in the camera housing, the camera is suitable for industrial environments.

Green Watt Power introduces EVD 500 series of DC/DC converters

The EVD 500 has two input ranges, 30 to 65 VDC and 50 to 120VDC, with output voltages of either 13.5 or 14.2VDC to power auxiliary EV functions such as lights, instruments, accessories, etc.