MB Dynamics introduces non-hydraulic Steering Module Test Simulator

The SMTS is used by automotive, autonomous, construction and off-highway vehicle OEMs and their associated steering suppliers for in-laboratory simulations of driver, road and vehicle inputs and their associated effects on steering system performance and annoying noises.

EPLAN announces EPLAN Cogineer Advanced version 2.8

  • EPLAN Software & Services

The upcoming Version 2.8, which is anticipated to be available starting in late summer 2018, will be usable as a completely cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)

ZW3D announces ZW3D 2018 SP CAD/CAM design solution

Dedicated options are added in translator to bridge 2D&3D design. ZW3D 2018 SP enables users to export the view of each component as a block in DWG format.

Envenio announces migration of EXN/Aero software to the Google Cloud Platform

The migration reflects Envenio’s goal to make computational fluid dynamics more accessible, with EXN/Aero replacing CFD licenses with a pay-as-you-go model in the cloud.

Bosch Rexroth announces the latest version of the Linear Motion Designer

  • Bosch Rexroth

The update is designed to enhance user guidance, databases and additional calculations for the dimensioning of Rail Systems and Screw Drives.

NOS Microsystems introduces getPlus electronic software delivery solution

getPlus is a software manager and an intelligent ecosystem that integrates into clients’ existing databases—SAP, Oracle, any all others—to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with self-service access to software updates.

GEFERTEC introduces GTarc additive manufacturing machines

GTarc machines manufacture near-net-shape metal parts. Only the finishing of the near-net-shape part is undertaken using standard CNC milling.

Abaco Systems introduces VP430 Direct RF Processing System

The VP430 includes the option to be built with a FireFly 8-channel VITA 66.4 fiber optic interface for transfers of greater than 12 GBps for applications in which the throughput of the native VPX PCI Express Gen3 data plane is inadequate or when a remote client requires streaming data.

Abaco Systems introduces ImageFlex version 2.0 image processing toolkit

ImageFlex enables developers of image/video processing and visualization applications on GPUs to be productive by hiding the complexity of the underlying software layers

Dinkle introduces series of printed circuit board (PCB) interface modules

  • Dinkle Corporation, USA

These printed circuit board (PCB) interface modules provide a means to connect field wiring to internal control and monitoring components. They can also be used to facilitate wiring among internal components.