EPLAN announces EPLAN eBuild cloud software for generating electrical schematics or fluid power schematics

  • EPLAN Software & Services

Register with EPLAN ePulse, then open a project, select the tasks and, at the click of a mouse, the software configures schematics based on EPLAN Electric P8 or fluid power schematics based on EPLAN Fluid.

Rockwell Automation announces enhanced version of FactoryTalk Batch software

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

A key feature of the release is the ability to make online edits for plant areas which require a high degree of control and flexibility while remaining in production. As needs change or as custom recipes are introduced, operators can make changes without having to take portions of the system offline or placing the batches on hold.

Leuze electronic introduces CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system

  • Leuze electronic

With the CMS 700i, Leuze electronic is bringing a 3D contour measurement system to market. It is based on the CML 730i measuring light curtains and can be adapted to specific customer requirements.

Solid State Disks announces HotBackup solid state backup solution

HotBackup is a solid state ‘live host’ backup solution suited for use in process and mission critical legacy computer systems in a range of applications in the telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial process control, engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, mil/aero and media post-production industries.

StratEdge announces assembly services for die attachment on CMC tabs

StratEdge uses an automated system in a cleanroom environment to perform eutectic AuSn die attach of compound semiconductor devices that have a backside gold surface finish.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces Simcenter 3D software and Simcenter Amesim software offerings delivered as a service

  • Siemens

Particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses, the SaaS framework offers new tiered product bundles in which customers can select the right level of capabilities they need, as well as monthly subscription-based billing and licensing and a pay-per-use computing infrastructure.

Bentley Systems announces iTwin cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins

iTwin Services enable engineering firms to create, visualize and analyze digital twins of infrastructure projects and assets. iTwin Services federate digital engineering content from BIM design tools and multiple data sources, enable “4D visualization” of digital twins, and log engineering changes along a project/asset timeline, to provide an accountable record of who-changed-what-and-when.

Red Lion Controls announces Crimson version 3.1

  • Red Lion Controls

In an effort to further optimize data intelligence, the latest version of Crimson has the ability to use expressions in filters for SQL queries. This allows operators to pull a subset of data from a SQL database based on dynamic search criteria.

Siemens releases v2019.2 of Simcenter system simulation solutions

  • Siemens

This joint solution is designed with application capabilities to foster collaboration and enable users to meet the demands of growing engineering complexity.

ABB announces ABB Ability Remote Insights augmented reality service

  • ABB

ABB Ability Remote Insights for service uses commercially available headsets to assist field service technicians and expand the reach of ABB subject matter experts. The technology enables a field service technician to share his or her view of a situation using the device’s camera, and receive guidance directly from an expert through on-screen annotations, chat, and document sharing.