Microchip Technology announces zigbee alliance-certified zigbee development platform

This software stack, and corresponding BitCloud 4.0 software development kit, is ideal for the design of home automation, commercial lighting, smart energy and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Rockwell Automation releases FactoryTalk View v9.0

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

The latest version of FactoryTalk View software from Rockwell Automation is designed to improve the operator’s experience with data-driven information while also delivering design-time productivity via tighter integration with the control system.

Schneider Electric partners with Seeq to release EcoStruxure Profit Advisor

  • Schneider Electric

EcoStruxure Profit Advisor uses Big Data analytics to measure the financial performance of an industrial operation in real time, from the equipment asset level of a plant up to the process unit, plant area, plant site and enterprise levels.

EVT introduces EyeFi filament inspection sensor

The sensor contains of two cameras with an Aptina sensor and an S-Mount lens. Also in the package is the EyeVision image processing software.

Omega Simulation announces release of OmegaLand V3.1

  • Yokogawa Corporation of America

Target applications include plant operator training, examination and analysis of production processes, examination and verification of instrumentation systems, and process training for operators and engineers.

EVT announces EyeVision 3D software for EyeScan 3D sensor series

This version contains the commands of the Basic version and a 3D command set for evaluating and measuring on 3D point clouds.

EVT releases EyeSens ColorInspect vision sensor

The vision sensor levels out vibrations or fast movements of the machine in the production line. With IP67 and the integrated LED illumination in the camera housing, the camera is suitable for industrial environments.

EVT introduces Eyecheck 5xxx smart camera series

The EyeCheck 5xxx smart camera series with integrated EyeVision software is a solution for image evaluation and can be applied to tasks such as e.g. pattern matching, code reading, OCR/ OCV, object detection, measurement technology, surface inspection, and more.

BEI Kimco announces DIP26-08, DIP30-11 & DIP38-13 frameless motors for robotic applications

  • BEI Kimco

The company recently met Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor needs for use in a multi-axis assembly robot for semiconductor and other light manufacturing applications.

JTAG Technologies to introduces JTAG Maps extension to Altium Designer tool

JTAG Maps is a simple extension to the Altium Designer tool suite that allows the user/engineer to thoroughly assess the capabilities of the JTAG/boundary-scan resources on their design - before committing to layout.