Neste Jacobs announces NAPCON Games Distiller operator training game

Designed to train operators in the distillation process, the NAPCON Games Distiller can be used in practically any branch of the process industry that includes distillation.

EPLAN introduces Eplan Cogineer with Microsoft Azure cloud capability

  • EPLAN Software & Services

Working with Microsoft Azure, the Eplan software is equipped to offer secure, worldwide data access, and the provisioning of IT infrastructure

Savigent introduces version 7.0 of Savigent Software Suite

  • Savigent Software

Version 7.0 of the suite delivers enhancements, including administration features, improved developer and engineer usability and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Qt Company announces release of Qt 3D Studio design and development tool

Qt 3D Studio provides a 3D user interface (UI) authoring system that caters to the technology requirements of both software developers and graphic designers.

Shapr3D announces Shapr3D 3D CAD modeling application for iOS and iPad Pro

The newest release of Shapr3D integrates Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange to allow solid modeling and data translation locally within the app, taking mobile CAD experience to a new level unmatched by any other CAD tool.

Siemens announces MindSphere release to be hosted on Amazon Web Services

  • Siemens

This is intended to provide the ability to develop industrial IoT solutions on a shorter timeline for customers across various industries, especially aerospace and defense as well as energy and utilities.

Siemens introduces Version 9.1 of the Simit simulation platform

  • Siemens

Simit enables real-time simulation and emulation for the evaluation of automation solutions. Testing and optimization can be carried out either using a real or a virtual automation system, the so-called virtual controller.

EPLAN introduces EPLAN Platform version 2.7

  • EPLAN Software & Services

The EPLAN Platform version 2.7 features bi-directional connections to two more automation technology solutions – Siemens’ TIA Portal and Melsoft IQ by Mitsubishi.

Bentley Systems introduces AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition

AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition is a building information modeling (BIM) application designed for building projects of significant size and/or engineering complexity, and which are typically characterized by the challenges of combining vertical construction and horizontal infrastructure (like roads, railways, utilities, etc.).

Pickering Interfaces introduces BRIC Large PXI Matrix Modules

  • Pickering Associates

The range of Large PXI Matrix Modules (model 40-559) are 1Amp/20W switching modules, with up to 4,096 crosspoints. The matrices are available in 2, 4, or 8-slot PXI sizes and are designed for high-performance matrix requirements.