Radica Software announces Electra Cloud browser-based electrical CAD software

  • Radica Software

Electra Cloud allows users to collaborate on their drawings with team members located anywhere in the world in real-time, with a browser and no additional software required.

Verisurf Software announces Verisurf Companion App

  • Verisurf Software

The mobile Verisurf Companion App interfaces directly with Verisurf Software and virtually all measurement hardware devices to display real-time coordinate position, and 3D deviation from nominal geometry on any handheld Android or Apple device.

ATEN Technology introduces CS1964 4-port USB3.0 4K Display Port Triple Display KVMP Switch

The CS1964 provides efficient multitask switching for mission-critical operations, such as control room and call center operations (especially emergency response and surveillance), financial trading, CAD/CAM and graphic design (especially CGI creation).

Epicor and 1 EDI Source announce HQXchange 7.0

  • Epicor Software Corporation

HQX delivers a complete B2B and EDI cloud integration through a web-based SaaS solution for quick document visibility and data insights, and provides a web service integration toolbox

Beckhoff Automation introduces TwinCAT Cloud Engineering software for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

  • Beckhoff Automation

The solution can be accessed from the Beckhoff website with a web browser and requires no additional software. In addition, TwinCAT Cloud Engineering enables registered users to work with the TwinCAT development environment even from previously unsupported devices, such as tablets.

Siemens releases Simcenter MAGNET software and Simcenter Motorsolve software for simulating electric motor design and electromagnetic fields

  • Siemens

The Simcenter MAGNET and Simcenter Motorsolve solution calculates the behavior of electromagnetic forces on individual components, providing examination of the structure and materials integrities under multiple operating conditions during any phase of the design process.