Products for EtherCAT

Dunkermotoren Presents EtherCAT with Distributed Clocks

The complete BLDC motor series dPro from Dunkermotoren is now also available with EtherCAT interface.

Port Presents SPI Driver and SPI Driver Development for Renesas Electronics R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module

The Renesas R-IN32M3 (RY9012A0) industrial Ethernet module is a "ready to use" RJ45 module PROFINET - EtherNetIP - EtherCAT solution, which offers a simple interface via SPI to the host controller.

ACS Introduces IDMsm Intelligent Drive Module High-Performance Multi-Axis EtherCat DS402 Drive for OEM Machine Builders

  • ACS

ACS launches the first in a new line of high-performance Intelligent Drive Module products.

HMS Networks' New Intesis Gateway Makes Communication Between EtherNet/IP and BACnet Easy

  • HMS Networks

HMS Networks announces a new Intesis™ protocol translator that integrates between EtherNet/IP and BACnet IP/MSTP-based Building Management Systems.

SICK's Microscan3 Family of Safety Laser Scanners Now Offer EtherCAT Variants

  • SICK, Inc.

SICK’s microScan3 family of safety laser scanners is now offering Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) integration. This is the world’s first safety laser scanner with this capability.

Beckhoff's ELM72xx Series Offers Compact Drive Technology in Robust Metal Housings

  • Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff integrates servo drives with higher performance and functionality directly in the EtherCAT I/O system.

port introduces Industrial Communication Creator tool

The Industrial Communication Creator supports customers in the design phase. Due to its handling, this tool works to shorten of the design in phase.

Beckhoff Automation releases EP7402 EtherCAT Box

  • Beckhoff Automation

This controller is a two-channel motor output stage for BLDC motors used in MDRs, regardless of the conveyor or roller motor vendor.

HEIDENHAIN announces ETEL-brand AccurET controls with EtherCAT compatibility

  • Heidenhain Corp.

With an EtherCAT compatibility option, customers can utilize the controller without changing their whole existing communication architecture and machine software.

PI introduces EtherCat compatible version of its E-727 digital piezo controller family.

  • PI Vision

The piezo controller can be integrated into complex automation environments systems and operated as an "intelligent driver" for two- or three-axis piezo-based nanopositioning systems.