Products for EtherCAT

Easy OPC Client Development

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

Looking for a comprehensive OPC DA, A&E, or UA client toolkit? You’ve just hit the jackpot. Certified for OPC UA.

One platform – all networks

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

With an Anybus CompactCom gain access to any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network with one development project.

Watlow announces Thermal Control Solutions

  • Watlow

Watlow integrated several components into an unnamed, customizable, application-specific system with EtherCAT communications.

CX9020 Boosts Small Controller Performance

  • Beckhoff Automation

The DIN rail mounted CX9020 is remarkably compact, robust and equipped with a powerful 1 GHz ARM Cortex‚Ñ¢ A8 processor. The CX9020 is suitable for a wide range of PLC and motion control applications in small and medium sized machines, systems or buildings.

Whats your combination?

Integrate electrical, optical, pneumatic, communication, signal and power into a single HARTING connector assembly.

Ingenia adds a hardware plug-in module for EtherCAT to servo drives

  • ingenia

The add-on can operate as a standard EtherCAT drive that accepts the CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE).

Beckhoff introduces EL7211 Servo Terminal

  • Beckhoff Automation

EL7211 EtherCAT Terminal is available with integrated resolver interface or with the One Cable Technology (OCT) solution.

HARTING Ha-VIS eCon Switches

  • HARTING Inc. of North America
  • Harting Inc. Of North America

Due to the compact design and the diverse port configurations, these switches can be integrated into any application.

Pre-Wired Mencom Receptacles

Pre-Wired Mencom receptacles is designed to help drastically reduce labor time and costs associated with installation.

CANNON-Automata releases A2-PAC Programmable Automation Controller

A2-PAC has a Sercos or EtherCAT master interface and onboard I/O.