Products for EtherCAT

Mentor Graphics announces EtherCAT protocol support for Nucleus RTOS

Designed to meet the rigorous timing requirements for industrial automation, the reference solution delivers EtherCAT cycle times of 100 microsecond cycles (10,000 frames per second) with a low jitter rate for precise device synchronization.

Dynapar introduces AI25 EtherCAT encoder

  • Encoder Technology(Dynapar)

The AI25 EtherCAT Encoder offers cycle times of 62.5 μs and 22 bit single turn resolution with absolute accuracy of ±35” making the encoder ideal for applications requiring accurate real time speed and position data such as robotics, packaging and high end motion control.

Mitsubishi Electric introduces MR-J4-TM multi-network servo drives

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

The MR-J4-TM includes standard IEC61158 Type12 CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE), IEC61800-7 CiA402 drive profile. It also comes with add-on instructions for EtherNet/IP networks using ControlLogix or CompactLogix controllers.

Brooks Instrument releases GF100 series of mass flow controllers

  • Brooks Instrument

Designed for semiconductor processes that demand fast response and repeatable delivery of process gases with high- and ultra-high levels of purity, the GF100 Series is made to ensure precise and stable process gas flow control over time.

KEB announces C6 I/O EtherCAT Stepper module

  • KEB America, Inc.

Used as a remote terminal, KEB’s stepper module is designed to actuate a stepper or brushless DC motor with incremental encoder. It is expandable with snap in modules and communicates via an EtherCAT backbone.

NEXCOM introduces NexROBO Modular EtherCAT Robotic Solution

  • Nexcom USA

NexROBO offers openness and modularity to the rigid robot architecture, unleashing possibilities for in-house development, add-on functionality, and reconfiguration of robots.

Galil Motion Control introduces DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master motion controller

  • Galil Motion Control

This new addition to Galil’s EtherCAT family is a pure EtherCAT controller with the ability to control up to 32 drives and 2 I/O modules.

Beckhoff releases EL3751 multi-function measurement terminal

  • Beckhoff Automation

The EL3751, an I/O for measurement applications, with eXtreme Fast Control technology (XFC) provides measurement technology as part of the standard I/O system.

Beckhoff announces EJ-series EtherCAT I/O modules

  • Beckhoff Automation

EJ-series plug-in modules from Beckhoff are designed to implement a platform concept for large-volume production runs without sacrificing customization capabilities.

Beckhoff introduces EK9160 IoT Bus Coupler

  • Beckhoff Automation

The EK9160 IoT Bus Coupler establishes a direct connection to the cloud, without any special control program between Beckhoff, EtherCAT I/O and the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling integration of I/O data with cloud-based communication and data services