Products for EtherCAT

Weintek releases iR-ECAT EtherCAT communication coupler

iR-ECAT connecting iR Series I/O modules works as an EtherCAT slave, which allows control by EtherCAT master controllers after importing the ESI (EtherCAT Slave Information file) description file of the iR-ECAT

Micro-Epsilon introduces IFS2406-3 confocal chromatic displacement sensor

  • Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG

The confocalDT IFS2406-3 confocal chromatic displacement sensor is designed for distance, position and thickness measurements.

Beckhoff Automation announces three I/O modules for their TwinSAFE safety controllers

  • Beckhoff Automation

The three I/O modules can be used as controllers for the direct execution of customer-specific safety projects. A special feature is their communication capability.

Beckhoff Automation announces EtherCAT G gigabit communication technology

  • Beckhoff Automation

EtherCAT G has been developed specifically in anticipation of large-scale applications and greater use of data-intensive equipment, such as machine vision cameras, complex motion control systems and measurement equipment operating with high sampling rates.

Omron Automation releases CK3M programmable multi-axis controller

  • Omron Automation & Safety
  • OMRON Automation & Safety

Built with the needs of automotive and semiconductor manufacturing in mind, the CK3M controller achieves nanoscale motion control designed to keep production lines flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the future.

KEB Automation and KUKA partner to release C6 HMI LC system

  • KUKA Systems GmbH

The KEB system combines display, using an HMI, and control, via a PLC – in a single machine. EtherCAT, as a fieldbus, also facilitates connection to the robot.

maxon motor announces EPOS4 Compact 50/8 EtherCAT and EPOS4 Compact 50/15 EtherCAT digital positioning controllers

The devices are suitable for use with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors (BLDC) and come with comprehensive feedback options such as Hall sensors, as well as incremental and SSI absolute encoders

Galil Motion Control introduces EDD-3701x EtherCAT slave drive

  • Ltd.

The EDD-3701x can interface with Galil masters (DMC-500x0 and DMC-52xx0) for sophisticated applications or with TwinCAT for simple applications

Beckhoff announces EL34x3 series of EtherCAT Terminals

  • Beckhoff Automation

Energy management for machine operation and the energy industries creates a range of demands, starting with basic monitoring of the supply network and process control to power monitoring. The EtherCAT I/O terminals from Beckhoff is designed to answer these demands.

KINGSTAR announces version 3.4 of KINGSTAR Machine Automation Platform


Version 3.4 adds a variety of functionality, like IO-Link master device support, as well as support for additional hardware and expanded documentation.