Products for EtherCAT

BrainChild introduces Smartpanel HMIs

SmartPanel HMIs support Ethernet, MPI/Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, EtherCAT and BACnet/IP.

ACS Motion Control introduces EtherCAT-based SPiiPlus Soft Control Platform

The SPiiPlusSC (Soft Controller) enables standard PCs to run a 64-axis real-time motion controller and high-speed PLC entirely in software.

Servotronix Introduces CDHD Servo Drive

CDHD series supports virtually any servo motor and feedback type, as well as any I/O requirement.

Technosoft announces iPOS3604 VX intelligent servo drive


A complete motion control solution, iPOS3604 VX combines controller, drive, PLC functionality and CAN and EtherCAT interfaces into a single compact unit.

Technosoft introduces iPOS3602 MX embedded Drive


All basic motor control functions, as well as motion control and PLC features, are embedded onto this tiny drive that measures 55 x 26 x 13 mm.

ABB announces MicroFlex e150 Ethernet servo drive family

  • ABB

The drives are compatible with Ethernet protocols, and have a universal encoder interfacing capability, local motion control programming, and integrated functional safety.

Kollmorgen adds CANopen and EtherCAT to AKD Servo Drive

With a simple parameter change and a power cycle, machine builders can quickly change the AKD’s communication protocol between EtherCAT and CANopen.

Advanced Motion Controls announces DZE & DZS servo drives

  • Ltd.

Demultiplexed Motion technology allows connecting up to 3 DZS drives (sub-nodes) to a single DZE (node) on an EtherCAT network for up to 4 axes of servo motion.

Phihong introduces POE61S-4AF waterproof PoE extender

POE61S-4AF extender has an IP67 rating for outdoor applications such as security cameras, sensors and emergency lighting.

Beckhoff introduces EL7201 EtherCAT Servo Drive I/O Terminal

  • Beckhoff Automation

EL7201 terminal integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard 12 mm I/O terminal housing.