Products for EtherCAT

HMS adds M12 connectors to Anybus CompactCom modules

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

Network modules available with M12 connectors include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT.

Vecow announces ECS-5600-8R fanless embedded controller

ECS-5600-8R has 16GB ram, 8 gigabit Ethernet, I/O, EtherCAT, and operates in a temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees Celsius.

Beckhoff Introduces EtherCAT I/O Devices with Fast Hot Connect

  • Beckhoff Automation

EK1101-0080 EtherCAT Coupler and the EK1122-0080 junction module with Fast Hot Connect provide connection time of 1 second.

Metronix adds safety to DIS-2 drive

The Safe Torque Off functionality (PLe category 3 according to ISO 13849-1) provides machine safety.

Mitsubishi releases MR-J3-xA-RJ158 Servo with EtherCAT

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

MR-J3-xA-RJ158 AC servo drive connects to servo amplifiers via EtherCAT communications.

HMS releases PROFINET Anybus X-gateways

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

The X-gateways can connect PROFIBUS and CANopen to PROFINET IRT Fiber Optics, and ControlNet, EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet to PROFINET IRT with copper cabling.

Beckhoff Introduces EP5101 EtherCAT Box for connecting encoders

  • Beckhoff Automation

EP5101 IP 67-rated I/O module is for the direct connection of incremental encoders with differential inputs (RS485).

Beckhoff Automation introduces EK18xx EtherCAT Coupler

  • Beckhoff Automation

This I/O coupler integrates an HD (High Density) Terminal, which offers 16 I/O connection points in a compact format.

Deutschmann updates UNIGATE EtherCAT gateways

  • Deutschmann Automation

Updates include adding the EtherCAT Modular Device Profile to UNIGATE IC EtherCAT bus nodes, CL EtherCAT protocol converters, and CX gateways that inter-operate with EtherCAT.

Elmo announces Gold Drum HV 100/800 Servo Drives

  • Elmo Motion Control

The Gold Drum HV 100/800 delivers up to 100 A and operates up to 800 VDC.