Products for Operations & Management

Kallik Launches Industry’s First Mobile-based App Interface for its Veraciti Label and Artwork Management Platform

Kallik is the first label and artwork management solution provider to offer a fully mobile LAM solution with ground-breaking development of an App-based User Interface (UI).

Grace Technologies Adds New Chekvolt Lockout/Tagout Safety Device to Portfolio

The ChekVolt is a Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD) that allows absence of voltage testing to be performed safely by qualified electricians using their trusted voltmeters.

Cincoze's Embedded Computer DV-1000 Plays a Key Role in Predictive Maintenance

  • Cincoze

With the evolution of IIoT and AI technology, more and more manufacturing industries are introducing predictive maintenance to collect equipment data on-site.

AutomationDirect Adds More Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers from STAHL

  • AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added more intrinsically safe isolation barriers from STAHL.

Ecosorb Releases EcoLink for Remote Monitoring, Control, and Data Acquisition of Odor Control Systems

Industrial users can now connect their odor control systems to the cloud using EcoLink, enabling remote monitoring and operation, along with data capture around the clock.

Festo AI Solution Improves Machine Utilization, Product Quality and Energy Efficiency

  • Festo Corporation

Festo AX creates a digital bridge between operational technology and business intelligence.

IDEC Announces New Low-Profile Touchless Switches

  • IDEC Corporation

LED illumination and indoor/outdoor durability make these low-profile touchless switches ideal for clean and functional industrial and public applications.

Exact Metrology Introduces PolyScan XL Inspection Scanners

Ideal for medium-to-large aerospace castings or automotive sheet metal components, the scanners uses multiple cameras and projectors to inspect parts up to 2000mm.