AutomationDirect introduces IronHorse GSD8 series of DC drives

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

The IronHorse GSD8 series of DC drives is a microprocessor-based design with non-volatile memory storage that is programmable with adjustable parameters, programmable alarm outputs and offers a digital closed-loop algorithm for motor control.

Moticont releases LVCM-051-127-02 and LVCM-051-127-03 DC motors

Features of these brushless voice coil motors makes them ideal for: Sorting, packaging, sampling, work holding and clamping, laser machining and drilling, scanning laser beam steering and filtering, wafer handling, and medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Haydon Kerk Pittman announces EC042B IDEA motor series

  • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc.

The programmable IDEA Motor integrates a precision brushless servo motor with an IDEADrive controller. The IDEA Motor is specifically designed for real-time embedded motion control and is suited for autonomous execution of single-axis motion.

ElectroCraft announces CompletePower Plus Universal Drive with ElectroCraft CompleteArchitect configuration software

  • ElectroCraft, Inc.

The CompletePower Plus Universal Drive combined with ElectroCraft CompleteArchitect configuration software utilizes digital drive technology combined with an configurable user interface.

Optimal Engineering Systems releases AU100-ER two-axis Gimbal Mount

  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)

The AU100-ER Two-axis Gimbal Mount is a platform for: Lasers and instrumentation for scanning, tracking, positioning, pointing cameras, optics, and lab and research applications.

Novotechnik introduces Vert-X 05E Series of magnetic rotary position sensors

  • Novotechnik

The sensors are touchless magnetic angle sensors with a permanent magnet that can be secured to an application’s rotating shaft, so that there is no direct mechanical linkage between the shaft and the measuring system

H2W Technologies introduces VMS06-008-LB-01 voice coil driven positioning stage

The stage utilizes a custom design that utilizes a unique electromagnetic circuit design. This design allows for a minimal cross section of 1.20 inches [30.5 mm] by 1.00 inches [25.4 mm].

ALIO Industries introduces Point Precision methodology in motion control solutions

  • ALIO Industries

Point Precision includes all 6 degrees of freedom of errors of each axis in motion, guaranteeing the precision point in the full work envelop. Point Precision allows for a “precision number” to be quoted based on an exact point and is used for many applications from laser processing to metrology.

Moticont releases GVCM-095-089-03 linear voice coil motor

The motion of this brushless GVCM-095-089-03 Linear Voice Coil Motor is ideal for: Clamping, work holding, sorting equipment, assembly, medical devices, antenna positioning, testing, slide actuators, shutters, doors, valve actuation, wafer handling, and optical focusing.

Optimal Engineering Systems introduces XYR-01-01 and XYR-01-02 alignment stages

  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)

The XYR-01-01 and XYR-01-02 Alignment Stages feature linear resolutions of the X and Y axis of 0.25µ(micro-steps per step motor driver in use); the repeatability of each is 1.5µ, positional accuracy is 5µ, and backlash is 2µ.