ABB introduces AXW 5000 and 5800 motors

  • ABB

ABB's AXW 5000 and 5800 motors are designed with higher power densities, constant cooling on variable speed drive applications to extend speed and power ranges, and reductions of heat in the surrounding environment.

Siemens introduces Simotics S-1FK2 motors with Sinamics S210 converter

Typical uses for this drive system include packaging machines, handling applications such as pick-and-place, wood and plastics processing, as well as life sciences and digital printing. 

AutomationDirect announces CUI Devices AMT series encoders

  • AutomationDirect

CUI offers the AMT series encoders with configurable pulses per revolution (PPR). The PPR can be set for most models using the free AMT Viewpoint software (the AMT10-series encoders are configured using DIP switches).

H2W Technologies introduces series of magnetically preloaded linear stepper motors

  • H2W Technologies

The dual axis linear stepper motor is a complete air bearing positioning system with the motor, the bearings, and the positioning system all built into one compact package.  Integrating linear encoders with the stepper motor allows for a hybrid, closed loop positioning system. 

ABB introduces IE5 level synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors

  • ABB

These motors now meet the IE5 ultra-premium energy efficiency class defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Tolomatic introduces RSX128 actuator

  • Tolomatic
  • Electromate Inc.

Applications include assembly, metal fabrication (pressing, punching, clamping), automotive manufacturing, timber processing, motion simulators and more.

Optimal Engineering Systems introduces 5 AQ150 series single axis positioning stages

  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)

Available off-the-shelf in travel lengths of: 600 mm (23.622 in.), 700 mm (27.559 in.), 800 mm (31.496 in.), 900 mm (35.433 in.), and 1000 mm ( 39.370 in.), these stages are available with either a Two-Phase Stepper Motor or with a Three-Phase Brushless Motor with a Quadrature Incremental Optical Encoder.

Moticont introduces DDLM-019-044-01 non-commutated linear actuator

This linear actuator can develop 11.0 oz (3.1 N) of continuous force and 34.8 oz (9.7 N) peak force.  Direct coupling of the actuator to the load results in zero backlash and allows for acceleration/deceleration, and high speed positioning. 

Mitsubishi Electric releases FR-E800 series of variable frequency drives

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

The FR-E800 Series is designed for engineering, technology, and product man- agers in industries such as packaging, material handling, food and beverage, and water and pumping, as well as those who are adopting PM motors to improve their energy efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Releases FR-E800 Series VFD

The new Variable Frequency Drive features permanent magnet (PM) motor control and reduces energy usage so users can meet overall energy efficiency standards.