H2W Technologies introduces NCC08-18-025-2R2C redundant voice coil motor

H2W’s NCC08-18-025-2R2C redundant voice coil comes with multiple coils and is designed to operate with equal performance in each of coil/magnet pairs.

Beckhoff Automation has announced the AMP8620 supply module

  • Beckhoff Automation

With the AMP8620 supply module’s IP 65 protection rating and consistent decentralization, the entire motion system can now be mounted directly on the machine.

Micro-Epsilon introduces wireSENSOR MT19 raw-wire displacement sensor

  • Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG

With a weight of 8 g and a size of 19 x 19 mm, Micro-Epsilon’s wireSENSOR MT19 is used for displacement and distance measurements with a measuring range of 40 mm.

ATLANTA Drive Systems introduces Z-Series, L-Series & I-Series of stainless steel washdown gearboxes

  • Atlanta Drive Systems Inc.

The gearboxes are available inreduction ratios from 5:1 to 102:1, with output torque capacities up to 480 lb.ft. and input powers up to 5.4 hp. Stainless steel motors are also available for use with these gearboxes.

Fives announces FANUC 0iF Retrofit upgrade for Giddings & Lewis 8000 control platform

  • Fives Machining

Fives has a legacy of Giddings & Lewis 8000 controls and will continue to provide technical support and service at a limited capacity.

Servo2Go introduces SSP Series washdown servo gearboxes

  • Servo2Go.com Ltd.

It is a precision inline planetary gearbox outwardly constructed of 300-series stainless steel. The motor adapter plate, housing and shaft are all stainless steel.

Beckhoff Automation announces TwinCAT 3 Machine Learning solution

  • Beckhoff Automation

With machine learning, the automation controller can learn the desired algorithms from process data. With this alternative approach, ML models can be trained and then used to deliver solutions.

AutomationDirect introduces Plunger Series micro limit switches

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

These micro limit switches are suitable for a range of operating conditions. Snap action assures repeatable contact closure regardless of actuation speed. Panel mount options are available and screw terminals provide connection.

ANCA Motion announces LinX M Series of tubular linear motor

  • ANCA Motion

The series is designed to deliver performance for high dynamic applications: velocity up to 10m/s and maximum acceleration of higher than 30G. With integrated position feedback and pneumatics compatible mounting design, the M-Series motor range is a replacement to pneumatic cylinders.

Electromate announces Maxon EC-i30 20W Brushless Servo Motor

  • Electromate Inc.

This 20Watt 30mm diameter motor is suitable in micro fluid pump (air/gas) and medical applications.