KINGSTAR announces release of KINGSTAR 3.8


Built on the EtherCAT standard and supported by a real-time 64-bit Windows operating-system (RTOS) from IntervalZero, KINGSTAR empowers engineers to design, develop and deploy one or more machine control applications on a single Industrial PC.

Omron introduces E2EW Series of metal face proximity sensors

  • OMRON Co.

The series of metal face proximity sensors is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of typical automotive welding processes with a fluororesin coating that provides increased spatter resistance.

H2W announces custom voice coils for ventilator applications

  • H2W Technologies

This design allows for a motors with minimal cross section diameter of up to 1.20 inches [30.5 mm], and strokes up to 0.60" [15.2 mm] stroke; this size generates up to 1.12 lbs [5.0 N] of continuous force and 3.36 lbs [15 N] of peak force. 

AutomationDirect announces ProSense motor control relays

  • AutomationDirect

Automation Direct announced ProSense motor control relays to perform specific protective functions for motors or motor components.

Moticont introduces LVCM-025-038-01 and LVCM-025-038-02 linear voice coil motors

The LVCM-025-038-01 features a continuous force of 2.5 lbs (11.0 N) and a peak force of 7.8 lbs (34.7 N) and the LVCM-025-038-02 features a 1.000 in (25.4 mm) stroke, whereas, the LVCM-025-038-01 features a stroke of 0.37 in.  (9.5 mm ) and the LVCM-025-038-02 features a continuous force of 16.4 oz (4.6 N) and a peak force of 51.9 oz (14.4 N).  

H2W Technologies announces model TWR-034-800-1RC rotary voice coil actuator

  • H2W Technologies

The TWR-034-800-1RC has a total angular displacement of 34 degrees [0.59 radians] and a motor constant of 275 in-oz/sqrt(watt) [1.92 N-m/sqrt(watt)]. The voice coil motor requires 1.7 amps of continuous current per coil and 5.1 amps of peak current per coil to generate the specified forces.

Nippon Pulse introduces Commander evaluation kit

  • Nippon Pulse America, Inc.

This kit is designed for those evaluating the Commander core for a new application, and need a complete setup to get started on software development and testing. The evaluation kit helps OEMs prototype and implement their motion control system.

NORD announces three-phase NORD UNIVERSAL motor

The three- phase NORD UNIVERSAL motor is available in 20 models and provides a power range of 0.16 to 60 HP.

Rotork introduces Local Hand Station

  • Rotork PLC

The Local Hand Station is suitable for applications such as large penstocks, where it is difficult to access the actuator due to height, in chamber applications where the actuator is located below the ground and space is limited or for control when the actuator/device may be in a hazardous location.

Moticont introduces SDLM-019-070-01-01 direct drive linear motor

Also known as an electric cylinder, this direct drive linear motor is 0.75 in. (19.1 mm) in diameter and 2.75 in (69.9 mm) long. Protected inside the motor housing, the linear optical quadrature encoder is directly connected to the shaft.