Istec Presents The SpeedSys 200

Istec's The SpeedSys 200, a game-changing innovation driven by decades of experience with speed applications, is expected to be globally available in Q3 of 2020.

Nanotec Introduces LGA35 Captive Linear Actuator

  • Nanotec Electronic, US, Inc.

The LGA35 series comes with stroke lengths of 19.05 mm and 36.1 mm. For customized designs, nine further thread pitches up to 9.75 mm and stroke lengths of up to 63.5 mm are available.

Applied Motion Products announces MDX integrated servo motors with UL recognition

  • Applied Motion Products, Inc.

The integrated motors were evaluated according to ANSI/UL standards 1004-1 Rotating Electrical Machines, 1004-6 Servo and Stepper Motors, and 61800-5-1 Adjustable Speed Drives. The certifications are noted under UL file number E472271.

H2W Technologies introduces DC Linear Brush-Type Servo Amplifier

  • H2W Technologies

H2W introduced a DC Linear Brush-Type Servo Amplifier (LCAM 5/15) that is designed to drive the complete line of voice coil linear actuators.

POSITAL introduces diverse-redundant absolute encoders

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

When combined with functional safety PLCs, these devices are suitable for applications that are required to conform to Performance Level/  PL d, Cat. 3, according to ISO 13849.

Miki Pulley announces spring actuated BXL Brakes

Designed exclusively for dynamic braking, these brakes are designed for constant elevator usage where long service life with high wear resistance is required.

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries announces ILPS-18S Series Spring Loaded Inductive Linear Position Sensors using LVIT Technology

ILPS-18S sensors are designed for test stands, test laboratories, automated assembly machines, processing and packaging equipment, robotics, and automotive test applications. 

ABB introduces AXW 315 and 400 IEC water-cooled motors

  • ABB

The AXW water-cooled Large AC motor is also available for the above NEMA market with the AXW 5000 and 5800.

H2W Technologies announces NCC14-78-830-1SM DC linear actuator

  • H2W Technologies

The model NCC14-78-830-1SM can generate a continuous force of 92 pounds [410 N] and a peak force of 294 pounds [1300 N] at a duty cycle of 10% (i.e. 1 second on, and 9 seconds off).  A moving mass of 4.4 lbs [1.97 kg] allows for a maximum theoretical continuous acceleration of more than 20 G’s.

Microchip Technology announces MXT288UD touch controller family

The MXT288UD-AM and the MXT144UD-AM devices offer low power mode, weatherproof operation and glove touch detection in multi-function displays, touch pad and smart surfaces for vehicles, motorcycles, e-bikes and car-sharing services.